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How to Get Out of the Free Fire FF Guild, Take These Steps!

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How to get out of the FF Free Fire Guild is important for players who want to find a different Guild. Photo: ist

JAKARTA – How to get out of the Free Fire FF Guild is very easy. It only takes a few simple steps.

Actually, what is meant by the FF Guild? Guilds are actually the same as communities. Can also be called Clan or Guild. Popular games usually have their own Guild or Clan.

Moreover, games with popularity like FF. Of course there are lots of Guilds that are registered and can be followed.

Guilds in the game function like a large community that brings together players from various locations/places.

What’s the point of joining a Guild? Miscellaneous. It can be for networking or making friends, sharing or playing together, exchanging items, or increasing the Rank or Level of the Guild to become the best Guild in the Free Fire game.

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Unfortunately, there are times when the Guild you follow changes. Either become lonely, or not interesting anymore. Well, you can go out to find another Guild. Well, how? Here’s a guide to getting out of the Free Fire Guild:

1. Login to the Free Fire game application.
2. Click the Guild icon on the right side of the Lobby.
3. Enter the Guild.
4. Select the exit icon which means you want to leave the Guild.
5. After pressing OK, it will automatically exit the Free Fire Guild (FF).

Just make sure before you go out you’re ready. Think carefully about the decision to be made.


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