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How To Buy A Friend Comeback in KDrama 2022

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Been off the screen two years ago, How To Buy A Friend is one of the Korean dramas that can be completed in one sitting. This is because the drama that can be watched on VIU only has 8 episodes.

The story itself centers on Park Chan Hong (Lee Shin Young), a high school student who befriends the fierce Heo Don Hyuk (Shin Seung Ho) because of a contract. Heo Don Hyuk will protect Chan Hong from bullies as long as Chan Hong helps investigate the cause of death of Shin Seo Jung (Cho Yi Hyun).

Their closeness will later drag Uhm Sae Yoon (Kim Sohye) whom Chan Hong has a crush on, into danger.

Makes you tense and warm because of the friendship of the play lead, the seven players have been and are ready to greet fans through their drama project in 2022. Who are you?

1. Lee Shin Young

There's Cho Yihyun, 7 How To Buy A Friend Comeback in KDrama 2022Lee Shin Young (

Lee Shin Young who played the character Park Chan Hong in How To Buy A Friend middle comeback through the Disney+ original series entitled Rookie Cops. In drama university life In this, he played the character of Kim Tak who is a former judo athlete.

Friends with Wi Seung Hyun (Kang Daniel), Go Eunkang (Chae Soo Bin), to Shin Ari (Chung Young Min), Kim Tak is a loyal character who is well aware of his talent in the field of martial arts. So that when his friend is in danger, he immediately positions himself in front as a protector.

2. Min Do Hee

There's Cho Yihyun, 7 How To Buy A Friend Comeback in KDrama 2022Min Do Hee (

Not only Lee Shin Young, actress Min Do Hee who previously played the character Choi Mira in How To Buy A Friend also appear in Rookie Cops. In the 16-episode drama, he became friends with Lee Shin Young again through the character Woo Joo Young he played.

Woo Joo Young herself is a science high school graduate who is interested in studying forensics in the police force. His cheerful and intelligent character always manages to entertain the audience. Especially when combined with Yoo Daeil (Park Sung Joon) and Seo Bumju (Kim Woo Seok) in one frameskeep laughing!

3. Cho Yihyun

There's Cho Yihyun, 7 How To Buy A Friend Comeback in KDrama 2022Cho Yihyun (

All of Us Are Dead Follows the story of Hyosan High School’s children’s struggle to survive from an artificial zombie outbreak.

Besides Cho Yihyun, the drama, which was released on Netflix on January 28, also collaborates with a row of young and talented actors. There are Yoon Chan Young, Park Jihu, Park Solomon, Yoo In Soo to Lee Yoomi.

Contrast with Shin Seo Jung’s cheerful character in How To Buy A FriendCho Yihyun plays the cold character of Choi Namra in All of Us Are Dead. Despite being lined up as class president, he was never close to his classmates. But his attitude towards friends slowly changes when a zombie outbreak spreads.

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4. Oh Hee Joon

There's Cho Yihyun, 7 How To Buy A Friend Comeback in KDrama 2022Oh Hee Joon (

Oh Hee Joon is one actor who often plays as a supporting actor in various Korean dramas. Even though he was born in 1988, he still often gets the role of a high school kid in dramas. It still fits!

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In How To Buy A Friend (2020) for example, he plays the character Oh Kyung Pyo, Lee Shin Young’s best friend who is a loyal friend and good at IT. While in All of Us Are Dead (2022), he plays Son Myeong Hwan, Yoon Gwinam’s petty bully and senior.

not only All of Us Are DeadOh Hee Joon is also listed in the drama lineup Through The Darkness and Green Mothers Club both of which will air in 2022.

Very productive, yes.

5. Kim Won Hae

There's Cho Yihyun, 7 How To Buy A Friend Comeback in KDrama 2022Kim Won Hae as Heo Gil Pyo in KDrama Through The Darkness (doc. SBS/Through The Darkness)

Not a stranger to KDrama fans, this year senior actor Kim Won Hae is back on the small screen through drama crime thriller SBS.

Titled Through The Darknesshe plays the character of Heo Gil Pyo, a head of the mobile investigation unit at the Seoul Metropolitan Police.

First released on January 14th, Through The Darkness himself tells the life of the profiler criminals in solving crime cases.

The drama that aired on VIU also took Kim Nam Gil, Jin Seon Kyu, Kim Sojin, and Ryeo Un as the main characters.

6. Jang Hye Jin

There's Cho Yihyun, 7 How To Buy A Friend Comeback in KDrama 2022Jang Hye Jin (

Like Kim Won Hae, Jang Hyejin’s figure and face are also familiar to the loyal viewers of Korean dramas and films. He has acted in films Parasite (2019), KDrama Birthcare Center (2020), and How To Buy A Friend (2020) where he played Cho Pyung Sub sang villain.

This year, the 1975-born actress will play the character of Young Mi in upcoming drama Green Mothers Club. Meanwhile, the JTBC drama tells about the lives of mothers who both have elementary school-aged children and become friends because they often interact.

Besides Jang Hye Jin, there are Lee Yo Won, Choo Ja Hyun, and Kim Gyuri who also fill the ranks of the main cast.

7. Kim Do Hwan

There's Cho Yihyun, 7 How To Buy A Friend Comeback in KDrama 2022Kim Do Hwan (

Kim Do Hwan who previously played Kwak Sang Pil, the accomplice of Cho Pyung Sub (Jang Hye Jin) in How To Buy A Friend ready to greet fans again through his latest project in 2022. He will play the character Han Ju Hyuk in the TVING drama titled I Haven’t Done My Best Yet.

Drama adaptation of the manga titled Ore Wa Mada Honkon Dashitenai Dake it follows the story of Nam Geum Pil (Park Hae Joon) who decides resign and works as a comic writer. Despite criticism from family and neighbors, he continues to try to make money from his comics.

Aired two years ago, H . fansow To Buy A Friend you can still watch the action of the seven players in several KDrama titles in 2022, you know.

From All Of Us Are Dead until Green Mothers Clubwhich drama are you looking forward to?

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