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Hostage Missing Celebrity Review (airing when KIFF 2021 starts)

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Hostage Missing Celebrity can also be watched during the KIFF 2021 event which will take place from 27 to 31 October 2021

For those who want to watch Hwang Jung-min’s acting, acting as Hwang Jung-min, you can first watch the following trailer video

The synopsis is as follows

One day the famous actor Hwang Jung-min was kidnapped, when it happened he thought he was in a situation youtube pranks. But when Hwang Jung-min realizes that he is indeed involved in the real kidnapping, he must escape at all costs with limited time or his life is at stake.

Cinemags had the opportunity to watch this film early, and this film was able to attract attention in terms of storyline, because it presented a thriller genre with fast scenes that caught the audience’s attention until the end of the film.

How not, the kidnappers of Hwang Jung-min are successfully described as having a brutal and sadistic character, which is really unpredictable.

Hwang Jung-min, at first thought this was an attempt by his fans to surprise him and ride his fame. But when the situation quickly turns violent, he realizes that this kidnapping is really happening and he must fight to stay alive and escape as soon as possible.

He also turned out to be not alone. At the location where he was hiding, it turned out that there were other abductees who were in a very frightened condition, because they had witnessed the horrific events that had befallen the previous abductees and had died in inhumane conditions.

The atmosphere of suspense quickly builds and each action gives its own surprise to the audience. No wonder this film has been ranked first at the box office in Korea, since it aired last August.

The characterization of Hwang Jung-min himself as a central character who plays himself as a figure in the Korean entertainment industry with fantastic income with box office films that he has successfully acted in, brought back his reappearance on the big screen.

His acting this time was a mixture of the pain of being mistreated and the timing to use his wits to escape the situation.

Although it is not conveyed in depth, the simplicity of the storyline of this film which only focuses on the value of the ransom that can be given by Hwang Jung-min seems to be flicking the reality of life in Korea, regarding the difference between rich and poor. As well as a dark life, for people who do not have a good level of education in the face of high economic demands. Either they lose control of their emotions, or become victims of the cycle of violence itself, until at one point, celebrities are considered a quick solution to their problems.

This depiction , feels right for people in Asia , just like the depiction of people of color with white skin in America and Europe .

Hostage Missing Celebrity

“Hostage: Missing Celebrity” is directed by Pil Kam-sung, and features Kim Jae-bum, Lee Yoo-mi, Ryu Kyung-soo, Jung Jae-won, Lee Gyu-won.

In the end this film is just a relaxing spectacle, for fans of Hwang Jung-min.

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