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Hobby Playing PUBG Mobile?, Here’s How To Get Pevita Pearce Voices For Free

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The famous Indonesian actress who is also the brand ambassador of PUBG Mobile Indonesia, Pevita Pearce, is now present in the PUBG Mobile game. Yes! Pevita Pearce comes in the form of a Voice Pack that is ready to accompany PUBG Mobile players wherever they are.

At the beginning of 2022, PUBG Mobile Indonesia launched 6 Pevita Pearce Voice Packs—Trial Edition (3 voices), Basic Edition A (8 voices), Basic Edition B (8 voices), Enhanced Edition A (30 voices), Enhanced Edition B (27 voices), and Ultimate Edition (76 voices)—all in Indonesian.

Now! As a gift for Indonesian players, PUBG Mobile provides Trial and Basic Edition A versions for free if the players successfully complete the in-game mission. The Trial edition Pevita Pearce Voice Pack can be obtained by logging in 2 times in the period 7-10 January 2022.

Meanwhile, the Basic A edition of recorded 3000 damage in the period 5 – 13 January 2022. Enhanced Edition A can be purchased by players for 200 Ocean Crystals (equivalent to 4000 UC) at the “Local Shop”. Enhanced Edition B is also available in the “Treasures” Shop, but at a different price of 3000 UC.

The most complete version of the Voice Pack, the Ultimate Edition, cannot be purchased directly, but must be obtained randomly through a Discount Pack for 10 UC. The discount package also contains other attractive prizes, including the Enhanced A and B editions of the Pevita Pearce Voice Pack.

For those of you who are curious as to what Pevita Pearce’s voice is in each Voice Pack, you can listen to the sample first in the following way:

  1. Enter the game lobby.
  2. Select “Inventory”.
  3. Select the human icon (fourth from the top).
  4. Select the microphone icon (fourth from the top).
  5. Select the arrow next to “Default Voice”.
  6. Select a magnifying glass, and type “Pevita Pearce” in the search field.

You can get all of the Pevita Pearce Voice Packs available at the Shop until January 18, 2022. Now, playing PUBG Mobile games is even more fun because you can hear Pevita Pearce’s voice. So, don’t miss the promo!

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