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Hobby of using ‘Jungler’ in AOV? Must Use These 5 Heroes

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Generally, the meaning of using the term ‘jungler’ or hunting in the forest is an adaptation of the term hunting neutral creeps on Dota in the olden days. However, terms it turns out that it is still and seems to be used by the MOBA AOV game aka Arena of Valor.

Jungler is actually an option for the players if you feel lane it is safe to leave and then choose to make money in the forest by killing a number of monsters. The consequences are various, ranging from getting gold or buff.

Well, a number of heroes in AOV listed below are some of the heroes who are skillfully the most qualified to do jungling aka hunting in the forest, regardless of the item. So, let’s have a look at the list!

1. Kriknak

Hobby of using 'Jungler' in AOV?  Must Use These 5

This hero, who is more or less reminiscent of the Nerubian Assassin in DOTA classic, has two mainstay skills to enter the war, namely Evil Tentacles and Fury of Flying Locust. You could say Kriknak is a reliable initiator as well as a comfortable jungler to use. But lately it’s been used less and less because the skill actually feels more suitable for jungling, and the attacks are still melee.

2. Batman

Hobby of using 'Jungler' in AOV?  Must Use These 5 AOV Indonesia

This assassin is indeed the best to make mobile. And because of his disappearing skills, Batman is arguably one of the purest Assassins because of the ‘ambush’ method as his way of killing.

The burst damage option from Batman is also very helpful if you want to jungling longer and get creeps forest as much as possible. It’s just, lately Batman is a bit lousy in the late game, especially if the opponent has started revive and the item is ready.

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3. Wukong

Hobby of using 'Jungler' in AOV?  Must Use These 5

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Wukong, as well as the character identical to the God of War in the form of ape who is always diligently produced by MOBA game makers, both from DOTA, AOV and Mobile Legend, indeed seems to have its own portion as a jungler hero. Wukong’s jungling ability will be very good especially if it is supported by the right jungler item.

But unfortunately, for 1-on-1 affairs, Wukong must be admitted is not the best, because Butterfly can chop this hero in an instant as well as other assassin heroes.

4. Fennik

Hobby of using 'Jungler' in AOV?  Must Use These 5

There is no doubt that Fennik is the best jungler in AOV, because in 2 minutes Fennik in the right hands can make creeps the forest is gone in one go roam. In addition to being a reliable jungler, Fennik is also a pusher tower superior.

because of one wave creep alone is enough to make tower so quickly porous. Unfortunately this hero doesn’t have a thick HP, so for defense still very dependent on the item.

5. Omen

Hobby of using 'Jungler' in AOV?  Must Use These 5

Maybe not many think Omen is a jungler, Moreover, on several occasions Omen is more often considered a terrible 1-on-1 hero. Especially if it’s already implanted items lifesteal and attack speed like Fenrir’s Tooth for example.

But apparently Omen with burst damage and increase attack speed-he can also be a good jungler, especially in the early game. Even this hero is not too dependent on jungler items to clean creeps in the forest.

One thing you need to remember that not all jungling methods are just because the hero has a jungling skill. But the item will also greatly affect for jungling. Because the main capital of jungling in the early game is physical attack.

So, it is not recommended for hero mages like Mganga, or Aleister to dare to attack golems at low levels.

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