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Hidden tricks and features to improve your Netflix viewing experience

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Make a nobar event Netflix at home is one way to spend quality time with friends or family. But hosting can create other problems, especially if you have to choose shows that you can watch together. Fear not, we have a way out! The following is a list of hidden tricks and features that you can try to impress guests.

Looking for unique shows

In addition to searching for specific titles or shows with a specific genre, you can also search for shows that may have been tagged with a specific category. Entertainment is closely related to mood, so there is always something to match your mood while watching.

Here are some examples of categories to try:

Know the details of a title

This method can only be done through the website, but there is a lot of interesting information that can be obtained if you scroll down the information. From creators, players, genres, to the categories marked on the show. They’re all clickable, so you can see all the shows starring the actor you clicked on or made by a specific creator.

Like a certain show? Check More Like This

If you like a series or film, you can see similar shows at the bottom of the series or film’s page. This is an easy way to find a list of titles that may interest you.

Don’t miss upcoming shows!

On the mobile app, there’s a tab marked New & Hot, which is a reliable source for seeing upcoming titles on Netflix. Here you can watch the trailer as well as read the synopsis. Not only that, if you’re looking forward to a special show, you can click the buzzer icon as a reminder, so you’ll get a notification when the movie or series is streaming on Netflix! That way you will never miss the next exciting show.

Suggest to Netflix

So far, Netflix has given you a lot of show recommendations, but did you know that you can also reply to them? You can recommend a series or movie to Netflix to add to your viewing list by visiting this link. If you watch Netflix often enough, then there’s a good chance you’ve missed a movie or series out there – so this is a great opportunity to let Netflix know what show you want to watch!

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