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Here’s the Trailer and Release Date for the 1000th Episode of One Piece

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Finally anime series fans One Piece no need to wait for the premiere trailer and the release date of the anime’s 1000th episode. Yes, along with the first trailer, it was also announced that the 1000th episode of One Piece will premiere on November 20th.

The teaser trailer features some of the most interesting scenes that have occurred in the current Wano arc, with most of the trailer showing many characters from the anime such as Straw Hat Luffy and Supernova and Wano Samurai as they prepare to attack the island of Onigashima, where the episode 1000 will take place. While it doesn’t feature any new trailer for the 1000th episode, it is a trailer that will have fans of the ultra-popular series excited for the special episode.

“One Piece’s 1000th episode is truly a historic moment not only for the franchise, but also for the millions of fans around the world who have supported the series for the past 22 years,” said Masayuki Endo, President and CEO of Toei Animation Inc. “We are excited to mark this important milestone for One Piece and look forward to celebrating it together with fans at our special global livestream event on November 20.”

One Piece is an anime and manga creation Eiichiro Oda which is very popular in Japan and focuses on the adventures of the 17 year old pirate who likes to wear a straw hat, Monkey D. Luffy or Luffy. Luffy is not a pirate like in general, he became a pirate because he likes adventure and seeing the world. He also hunts for a treasure called “One Peace”. On his journey Luffy met many new friends, fought various enemies and uncovered various secrets for “One Piece”.

The series later evolved into a franchise that includes several animated films, an anime series that has run for 20 seasons and is currently ongoing, video games and even restaurants and theme park attractions in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Some time ago, it was revealed that the live-action series One Piece is being developed and prepared by Netflix. Announced in January 2020, season 1 will consist of 10 episodes. They will be working with Tomorrow Studios and Shueisha. Even scriptwriter Matt Owens has started teasing the series even though no main character has been appointed yet. He talks about the three main elements of One Piece, including its humor, ability to make people cry, and successfully surprising them.

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