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Hereafter: A Love Story will hit theaters December 2, 2021

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BASE Entertainment in collaboration with Studio Antelope finally announced the release date of “Akhirat: A Love Story” in theaters, which is December 2, 2021.

This film, starring Adipati Dolken and Della Dartyan, is the first feature-length debut film from Jason Iskandara director who has previously accomplished much on the short film circuit.

This film promises a fantasy romance story about two human children with different beliefs who are faced with a fateful choice.

In the 2-minute trailer that was launched, the audience was invited to see Timur (played by Duke of Dolken) and Sun (played by Della Dartyan) who have different religions but fall in love with each other. One day, they have an accident and move around the world. In this other world, the two are given the opportunity to be together forever. But is this opportunity a test or a choice? They had to decide what was best for them both.

Jason Iskandar said that he got inspiration from those around him, “How many couples have to sacrifice just because of different beliefs. Then I speculate: ‘what if there was a chance for their love in a fantasy world, what decision would we make?’ Throughout the story development process, I asked this question to several friends who are in different faith relationships, and their answers became valuable insights for the creative process of Akhirat: A Love Story.”

In the film, the audience will be invited to see a different depiction of the world. Here Jason gives his own representation of the afterlife. With approach fantasy romanceJason brought something different.

He said, “Because fantasy stories always invite us to look in the mirror. I think the power of fantasy stories is to take the audience into unfamiliar situations, and then ask them to think: what would they do if they were in the same situation. Will they make the right decision or will they
otherwise? So even though the images in this film are fiction and fantasy, we can still reflect on what happens in the real world.”

For Jason the core of this film is love and is not limited to love between couples,”Life cannot be separated from love. Thematically, this film is talking about love. But there are various forms of love, love for parents, significant others, friends, all have different forms. So when we talk about love, we can’t help but talk about life in general. Because life needs love and the world needs lovea.”

The film “Akhirat: A Love Story” is a production of BASE Entertainment in collaboration with Studio Antelope. Besides starring Adipati Dolken and Della Dartyan, this film also features young stars such as Windy Apsari, Agnes Naomi, Tubagus Ali, Ravil Prasetya, Farhan Rasyid.

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