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Here Are the Main Cast in John Wick’s Prequel Series, The Continental

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Prequel/spin-off series of the franchise John Wick, The Continental, seems to have started moving forward by announcing more of its cast members. After some time ago Mel Gibson was rumored to have joined the series which will be directed by Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli), now, Colin Woodell has been announced to be playing the main protagonist of the series, Winston Scott in his youth.

Woodell himself is an actor who is pretty much involved in famous television series such as The Flight Attendant, The Purge, The Originals, Masters of Sex, and Designated Survivor. And the movie reference is The Call of the Wild and Unfriended: Dark Web.

Meanwhile, other cast members who will be involved in this limited series are Hubert Point-Du Jour (Doctor Death) as Miles, Jessica Allain (The Laundromat) as Lou, Mishel Prada (Vida) as KD, Nhung Kate (The Housemaid) as Yen, and Ben Robson (Viking) as Frankie.

Ian McShane as Winston in John Wick

The Continental, produced by Lionsgate Television for STARZ will be a three-part/episode series of 90 minutes each on a big budget. Some rumors say that they have a budget of $ 20 million to produce the limited series. The series will center around the hotel that is the setting for the film franchise and will tell the story behind the owner of a safe haven for assassins, Winston Scott, played by Ian McShane in the John Wick films.

Set 40 years in New York City before the events of the film John Wick first, The Continental will be told from the point of view of very different characters so fans can understand how big the world of the legendary assassin is. Stahelski also said that the point of view presented in this limited series will be in a very different time structure and very different character perspectives. This series will tell about how deep this “world” goes, and not just the story of the killers but everything in it.

They also promise to include tense combat sequences and intense gunfights between professional assassins and their targets, as fans have come to expect from the John Wick franchise, as well as introducing some exciting new characters that inhabit this underground world.

The Continental

FYI, The Continental is the “headquarters” of the assassins featured in the film version. This name is also the name of the organization that regulates the assassins including John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves.

While the franchise John Wick itself is one of Lionsgate’s most important properties besides The Hunger Games, which has grossed more than $600 million worldwide. And the 4th movie, John Wick: Chapter 4 is currently in production, and a fifth film is already in the preparation stage.

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