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Here are the judges at the #MolaChillAudition London Winner Selection Live

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Mola will broadcast live live judging process and announcement of the winner of the Mola Chill Audition on Thursday, September 30, 2021, at 21.00 WIB on the Mola platform and Tiktok account @molachill.

The judging process will be carried out transparently, and the announcement of the winners who are entitled to appear at the Mola Chill Festival London can be witnessed live.

The winner will travel to London to perform Live on 29 October 2021 along with performers from the UK and USA. The lineup of musicians will be announced on Mola’s social media platform ahead of Mola Chill Festival London.

The judges who determine the winner of the Mola Chill Audition are also figures from the music industry in the UK, including Beka known through the Honne group, Joy Crookesa singer and songwriter who was nominated in 2020 Brit Awards as Rising Star Awardand Dominik Prosserpersonnel of the Mola A&R team in the UK.

Mola Perwakilan Representative Mirwan Suwarso say, “We invite Indonesian musicians to continue submitting their videos before auditions close on 24 September. Unfortunately we can only send one winner, but given the large number of qualified participants participating, we decided to host special Mola Chill Festival and Mola Chill Fridays events to showcase the top 50 finalists. Surely the road to London will continue to be open to them as the Mola Chill Festival London will be events a routine that we will hold at least 4 times a year

The Mola Chill Festival London on 29 October is an event launch presence of Mola in the UK, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore.


@molachillMandatory cozy blanket and hot chocolate whenever Bedshaped plays. Prepare yours for Keane’s finest hour at ##MolaChillFridays . ##viral music♬ original sound – Mola Chill Fridays
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