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Here are 3 Unique Fashion Items That You Must Have!

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Uniquely different.

trend fashion it’s always turning. Starting from the strange, the unique, to the super stylish be an inspiration in making fashion items. Like 3 fashion items below, you definitely want to have it, because apart from being functional, fashion items This will also make you stylish in an instant. Let’s take a peek!

1. LED Scarf

For those of you who want to be different this Christmas, maybe you can consider scarf this one as accessories for outfityour. Scarf with a length of approximately 182 cm and is equipped with two batteries that will make scarf it’s lit. Even though there are lights along the scarf, they won’t make us hot. Cool, huh?


2. Speaker Sneakers

For you music lovers, these sneakers are a must have. Speakers that have integrated bluetooth it can be connected with WL or your tablet. Equipped with a battery, which will make speaker ignites by itself in your shoes. You can also use speaker this without putting it in your shoes you know.

Here are 3 Unique Fashion Items That You Must Have!

3. Teapot Bag

Japan is always innovative in everything, including fashion. Not long ago, there was one quite trend boom in Japan and very unique, namely the teapot bag. Yes, this fairly large teapot-shaped bag is made by Shinobu Koyama​ and is designed for traveling. Funny, huh?

Here are 3 Unique Fashion Items That You Must Have!

Which one do you want, Bela?

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