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Her mother used her name for debt, Han So Hee didn’t intend to pay |

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Han So Hee attending the 2021 Asia Artist Awards.
Han So Hee’s agency confirmed the news but explained that her client had confirmed that she would not take responsibility for her mother’s debt.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Korea’s top actresses, Han So Hee stated that he did not plan to pay the debt on behalf of his mother. Han So Hee’s agency 9ato Entertainment responded to the news that her artist’s mother was being sued in a fraud case by making a written statement on Monday, March 7, 2022. In that statement, the agency confirmed the lawsuit.

Mrs. Shin used the bank account in Han So Hee’s name in the process of borrowing the money. The account was created when Han So Hee was a minor without her permission, and Mrs. Shin used the account to borrow his funds without knowing her daughter,” they wrote. The agency also stated that there had been similar cases in the past, including forged documents.

Previously, JTBC reported that the Seoul Bangbae Police received a file against the mother of a well-known celebrity on charges of fraud totaling 85 million Won (approximately IDR 995 million) on February 25, 2022. It was reported that the mother borrowed 85 million Won from an acquaintance from February 2018 to September 2019, and promised to pay large amounts of interest, but ultimately defaulted.

Han So Hee while playing Yoo Na Bi in the drama Nevertheless. Photo: Instagram/@xeesoxee

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed this case. He revealed, Han So Hee’s mother borrowed money into a bank account in her daughter’s name, which was made when the 27-year-old artist was still a child and became her dependent. Han So Hee’s mother and the plaintiff are at odds over the total amount to be paid for not writing the contract.

“It’s my fault because I didn’t pay the loan money on time. I will work hard to pay off my debts,” he said in an interview with Lee Jin Ho.

The agency 9ato Entertainment explained, this series of civil cases was tried and the court has confirmed all of these are not related to the actress in The World of the Married that. According to the Ulsan District Court on April 8, 2021, the defendant had used the account in Han So Hee’s name, but there is no evidence that Han So Hee was partly responsible for the defendant’s debt.

Han So Hee receiving the Asia Artist Awards 2020.

The agency of the actress who played brilliantly in the series My Name It apologizes for causing concern in the public about the life of the actress. “We don’t want any more victims in the future. In addition, Han So Hee has no plans to share the responsibility for her mother’s debt,” they wrote.

Han So Hee’s decisive step was taken to prevent her mother from using her name to borrow money in the future. Han So Hee also wants to prevent unlawful businesses, such as trying to blackmail her mother based on the fact that her daughter is a famous celebrity.

“It is true that they are mother and child and it is difficult to break the relationship that God gave them. We are sorry for the victims, but we are taking a firm stand in the hope that this will not happen again in the future. We ask for your understanding.”


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