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Her Love Boils Bathwater Review

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Her Love Boils Bathwater / Yu o Wakasu Hodo no Atsui Ai a touching story about a family with its various problems. The audience will be brought to the importance of family togetherness and also what family really means . The film was written and directed by Ryôta Nakano, and he became very well known for the film Her Love Boils Bathwater.

Synopsis of the film Her Love Boils Bathwater

A resolute mother named Futaba Sachino (Rie Miyazawa), but is attentive, becoming more aware of his surroundings, when he is told that he has terminal cancer and that his life is short. He only had a few months left.

Realizing this, he became even tougher both towards himself and his family, that’s when he realized there were many problems around him and he felt he had an obligation to solve all these problems in a short period of time.

Ryôta Nakano as the director was able to show the scene, frame by frame , which describes the warmth of a family. It also brings Japanese culture, so that viewers who don’t understand deeply, will get a new perspective.

Azumi’s son’s conflict (Hana Sugisaki) at school, her encounter with her long-lost husband Kazuhiro (Joe Odagiri) and Ayuko (Aoi Ito), bringing them all to the point of managing and raising Futaba Sachino’s bath business.

Here moments of comedy scenes occasionally appear, thus providing a space of relief where someone who is sentenced to die within the next few months, is not placed in a gloomy and sad space of time.

This side is what makes this film a class and makes the audience loyal to follow until the end of the story.

The film has won various awards in Japan, such as 41st Hochi Film Award in category Best Picture , 26th Japanese Movie Critics Awards in category Best Picture. This film is a representative of Japan in 90th Academy Awards (Oscars Cup) in category Best Foreign Language Film .

So that this film will be very unfortunate if it is not watched at the Japanese Film Festival ONLINE 2022 (JFF ONLINE 2022) which takes place from 14 to 27 February 2022.

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