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Have you heard of Assemble by Yura Yunita?

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Released in theaters on October 14, the animated film Nussa received a feature-length animated film nomination at the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival, reminding audiences of the beauty of gratitude.

Through animation shows built using international technology, the characters in the film NUSSA agilely display their struggle to achieve their dreams.

In line with this mission, one of Yura Yunita’s songs entitled ‘Merakit’ was chosen to be the official soundtrack for the film NUSSA.

The motivational message that Yura strung together through verse by verse of her song ‘Merakit’ successfully inspired the spirit of the film NUSSA.

The audience was embraced to reflect on the importance of an optimistic attitude in realizing lofty ideals, and invited to be persistent in responding to failure.

Departing from adversity
Yura Yunita explained that one of the inspirations for making this song came from the twists and turns of his career. He had sunk into adversity when many things limited his creativity in music.

His meeting with Delia, a child with a disability, reminded him of the importance of gratitude. Their magical encounter was then able to make him rise from adversity.

This song has a strong relevance to the film NUSSA, where the main character is a disabled person. Even so, in the limitations that bind her, Nussa still has a vibrant spirit in reaching her dreams.

Ricky Manoppo, as the producer of the film NUSSA, said that he was moved when he first heard Yura’s song ‘Merakit’ accompanying the film NUSSA.

Ricky Manoppo Nussa

“I was touched when I first listened to and watched Yura’s Assemble accompanying NUSSA. Yura’s lyrics and music really match the spaces in the NUSSA film,” said Ricky.

Breaking Limits
With ‘Assemble’, it is hoped that the message in the NUSSA film can echo a louder echo. So that NUSSA’s determination to make dreams come true can inspire many people, including friends with disabilities.

The Assemble lyric video contains special animation directed by Ryan Adriandhy, who also served as Producer on the film NUSSA.

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