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Have a Legacy, Suwardi Indicates Retirement from One Pride?

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Saturday, February 26, 2022 – 05:00 WIB

VIVA – Flyweight One Pride Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Suwardi, indicates that he is preparing to retire from the world that has made his name. He felt that he had been in MMA for a long time and left a legacy.

Suwardi has been in One Pride MMA for a long time. He is the first generation fighter since One Pride started in 2016.

He has made various achievements. He was a flyweight champion and co-bred One Pride with PSHT.

One of his most memorable duels, of course, was when he faced Rudy Agustian in the race for the championship belt. Because the tension is not only hot in the octagon but also outside the octagon.

Suwardi fights with Rama Supandhi in Fight Night 56 ​​One Pride MMA

They met twice. The first duel in FN 14 was won by Rudy. Before Suwardi replied on FN 19.

After going through many moments, Suwardi felt that now was the time for him to think about taking a break. He wanted to provide opportunities for young fighters to shine in his place.

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