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Han So Hee’s mother commits a fraud of almost IDR 1 billion, agency: It’s happened many times |

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Han So Hee (Instagram @9ato_ent)

JAKARTA – Actress Han So Hee was dragged into a fraud case by her mother. The agency that oversees it, 9ato Entertainment released a statement regarding this matter.

Previously, a YouTuber claimed that Han So Hee’s mother was being sued for committing fraud of 10 million won or almost the equivalent of Rp. 1 billion. The mother opened an account in Han So Hee’s name so her name was sued for violating the Electronic Financial Transactions Act.

Han So Hee’s agency released a statement that her mother had done this many times.

“Han So Hee’s mother, Shin opened an account in Han So Hee’s name to borrow money. Shin’s mother created an account when Han So Hee was a minor and she used the account without Han So Hee’s knowledge,” the agency said in a statement Segyeilbo on Monday, March 7th.

“Similar cases have happened many times. There are even cases related to the falsification of personal documents. Because of this series of cases, the court started to process and declared Han So Hee had nothing to do with this case.”

The agency also included Han So Hee’s opinion that she would not be responsible for this debt. They also stated that Han So Hee had cut ties with her mother a long time ago.

“This action was made so that Shin’s mother would not use her son’s name to borrow money and abuse the fact that her son is a famous celebrity,” the agency continued.

“We apologize for causing concern rather than an acting project (Han So Hee). But we want to give an explanation so that there are no more victims in the future.”

Previously, Han So Hee was known to take care of her mother’s debt in 2020. She said at that time she was only 20 years old. Before she debuted as an actress, she had already paid off her mother’s debt as best she could.

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