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Han So-hee looks fierce in the series My Name

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Han So-hee is an actress who is best known for her roles as Yeo Da-gyeong in The World of the Married and Yu Na-bi in Nevertheless

This time he will appear in the latest series and is planned to air in October 2021 on Netflix.

c . plotThe story will be full of suspense with action action presented as a noir story, this is a promising new work from the director Kim Jin-min.

Director Kim Jin-min, who has worked with Netflix for the Extracurricular series, My Name also stars well-known Korean actors such as Park Hee-soon, Ahn Bo-hyun, and Kim Sang-ho.

This noir series tells the story of a woman’s revenge to find her father’s killer.

Ahead of its broadcast, Netflix released an official teaser for My Name which briefly shows the transformation of Jiwoo’s character, played by Han So-hee, into a member of a criminal organization and disguised as a policeman. In addition to practicing physically, Jiwoo was also shown to be involved in a number of fierce battles. There are also police actions carrying out attacks, massive fights between gangs, to various maneuvers in a thrilling battle. (cinemas)

Also check out the trailer

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