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Hacks : interview with Jean Smart & Hannah Einbinder

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Hacks win three awards – Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series (Jean Smart), Outstanding Directing For a Comedy Series (Lucia Aniello) and Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series, at the 73rd Emmy Awards which took place in Los Angeles on September 19, 2021. .

Besides Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder, Hacks star too by fellow regular Carl Clemons-Hopkins and ever-present guests Kaitlin Olson, Christopher McDonald, Paul W. Downs, Mark Indelicato, Poppy Liu, Johnny Sibilly, Meg Stalter and Rose Abdoo.

The series’ creators and showrunners are Paul W. Downs, Lucia Aniello and Jen Statsky. Executive producers Paul W. Downs and Lucia Aniello through their flag Paulilu, Jen Statsky through First Thought Productions, and Emmy® winner Michael Schur through Fremulon, David Miner for 3 Arts Entertainment and Morgan Sackett.

This time, Cinemags had the opportunity to interview Jean Smart & Hannah Einbinder, and the following is a summary

Q: Can you tell us how important the characters you play in this series are?

Hannah Einbinder: This project came during a pandemic and with my background as a stand up comedian, it is not clear when this pandemic will end, so this role is very important and big for me. I was able to channel my comedic spirit through the medium of acting with a well-written storyline, as well as collaborations with Jean and the other cast.

This script made me laugh, and everyone knows how hard it is to make me laugh. This manuscript contains many material elements that invite laughter, but it is deep and it is written so well that it amazes me.

What really surprised me was how funny this script was, I laughed out loud in my bedroom the first time I read it, when there was no one around me.

Jean Smart: When I got the script for this film, I thought that this project would fulfill all my wish list. I also feel amazed, about the journey of my life and career, because I was always given this opportunity.

In my opinion, it is very important for an elderly woman, when she is struggling with her career and questions about the continuation of her career, she gets many challenges from a young writer. Their interactions are like two sides of a coin. Nothing is wrong and nothing is right.

Personal problems and comedy are balanced in this Hacks series. This manuscript carries it all.

Her character is shown not only as a demanding diva, but she also has a lot of attention and respect for those closest to her who help her. He also knows how to succeed and get what he wants.


Q: Can you tell us about the chemistry between the two of you?

Hannah Einbinder: It just happened, instantly.

Jean Smart: For me, it doesn’t happen instantly. It goes through the process first and isn’t this what is called life?

They sent me some footage of him doing a stand up comedy, and I was intrigued, so it was decided that the two of us should meet.

This is also interesting because the time of the meeting was at the peak of the pandemic, so we met in a large place, such as a field footballwithout any equipment sound system whatever. They even put a dividing glass between the two of us, then they asked us to take pictures to see how the two of us pose.

But Hannah will always be my first choice, to play the character of Ava.


Q: Can you share the memorable scenes in this series?

Jean Smart: When we first met these two characters and also during our first audition. This is because, this scene went through a lot of practice. But even so, this is a very fun scene. This is the moment when two people with different sensibility, also from different worlds meet. In a sense even though it looks painful but still funny.

Hannah Einbinder: Yes, agreed. The scene was a kind of on-the-go audition. I read the script and rehearsed the lines over and over by myself because of the pandemic. I finally got to meet Jean and train together, and realized this was the initial frame work of it all.

A little behind the scenes from the scene that was done at Deborah’s house, the shooting for the scene was done at different distances, months and even months. One frame when Ava leaves the room, and then one frame when the dialogue starts.

Wow, so you want to see which scene and frame Hannah is referring to?

This 10-episode Hacks series can still be watched on the HBO GO platform

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