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GoPlay Live: Presents Live Games, GoPlay and Storms Features to Make It Easy for Viewers

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JKT48 fans are the first to enjoy this interactive game on GoPlay through the GoPlay Live Original JKT48 Mabar program

GoPlay, Gojek’s interactive livestreaming platform, continues to be committed to providing the best experience for viewers to interact with the best local creator content. Complementing the previous interactive features, GoPlay launched the Live Games feature for fans to participate in real-time in games with their favorite content creators on the GoPlay platform. In the early stages, GoPlay collaborated with leading game studio startup based in Singapore, Storms, to launch this innovative feature. Storms is a subsidiary of iCandy Interactive, the largest game development company in Australia and Southeast Asia.

The presence of the Live Games feature on GoPlay is in line with research that shows 62% of livestreaming viewers globally stated the need to socialize and interact as their main reason for watching creator content playing games. In its early stages, GoPlay will offer the game AZ Run, a running ball game developed by Storms and has had more than 9.6 million downloads and 3 million monthly active users. The AZ Run game will first be present on GoPlay through the popular idol group JKT48 event, namely GoPlay Live Original JKT48 Mabar, which is a program for gamers brought directly by JKT48 members or the JKT48 esports team or better known as the Valkyrie team with the concept of playing games live selection.

GoPlay CEO Edy Sulistyo said, “Based on our observations as a content delivery platform, viewers prefer content that makes it easier for them to interact with content creators than content that is passive. This interactive Live Game feature on GoPlay marks a new era of entertainment that provides an opportunity for viewers and creators to have fun together. From the GoPlay user’s perspective, they get the opportunity to participate in gameplay and become more familiar with creator content, and at the same time, this feature becomes ammunition for content creators to be creative with live show programs that provide a different experience for their audience and community. ”

To be able to participate in games brought by content creators, each viewer needs to send a virtual gift while watching a live event hosted by content creators. A single delivery of a virtual gift can contribute to a single button or step that affects the results in the AZ Run game and other live game features on GoPlay. In the coming month, more live games will be launched on GoPlay with the direct player-versus-player (PvP) feature.

CEO Storms David Yin added, “Tim Storms is passionate about providing interactive gaming technology and game catalogs to enrich the GoPlay livestreaming community. This collaboration means a lot to Storms, given our commitment to building a dynamic gaming ecosystem and reaching 2 billion social-gamers, starting with the leading entertainment app in Indonesia.

The launch of the Live Game feature is in line with the theme that has been raised by GoPlay since the end of 2021, namely “meet new people, find amazing content, discover your community”, so that viewers can easily find not only content, but also friends to new communities according to their preferences.

Previously, the use of interactive technology in GoPlay Live was equipped with various interactive features such as Private/Group Chat, Shout Out/Question & Answer, Virtual gifts, Trivia, Polling, and Live shopping.

These various interactive features not only allow users to enjoy various livestream entertainment with friends and family interactively, but also make it easier for content creators to innovate in creating creative and interactive content.

With the presence of the live game feature on Go Play, now viewers of the Go Play Live Original Mabar JKT48 program can directly interact with the game being played by the JKT48 esports team, Valkyrie, and can even directly help or prank the hosts by influencing the game in real time. Marsha JK48 and Kathrina JKT48 as part of the JKT48 esports team also commented regarding the presence of the live game feature on GoPlay. Now that you’re online on GoPlay you can play together, so it’s more fun. Playing live games together on GoPlay is fun, there are spectators who work on making the game difficult, but many also help. So much fun and don’t miss it!”

Eddie added, “The Go Play Live Original Mabar program with JKT48 was chosen for the launch of this feature considering the popularity of this program in the eyes of the GoPlay audience, which is not limited to just gamers, but also those who seek entertainment with their idol creators. With this Live Games feature, GoPlay is expected to continue to be a home for content creators in the country to be creative and market their work more broadly while encouraging the growth of the creator economy in Indonesia.(cinemas)

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