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Gong Yoo Turns Down Offer To Star In Drama Writer Kingdom

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Gong Yoo was recently targeted to star in the Korean drama Devil with Kim Tae Ri. The drama script was written by Kim Eun Hee who was previously successful through Kingdom.

But recently, SBS revealed Gong Yoo’s position. The actor decided to turn down the offer due to conflicting schedules.

“Unfortunately, Gong Yoo can’t appear on Devil because of schedule conflicts,” said the TV station.

Until now, both Kim Eun Hee and SBS have not revealed the synopsis of the drama Devil. But if there are no obstacles, this Korean drama will be aired in 2022.

Devil is a sign of Kim Eun Hee’s return to SBS after seven years. The writer last aired a Korean drama on SBS through Three Days.

Previously, Kim Eun Hee had also worked with SBS through the drama Sign and Phantom. In recent years, he has mostly worked on projects with tvn through Signal and Jirisan, as well as Netflix through Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo’s latest action can be seen on Netflix through The Silent Sea. The Silent Sea is set in a time in the future when planet Earth suffers from a shortage of water and food caused by desertification.

Han Yun Jae (Gong Yoo) is a soldier for the space agency. He is chosen for a team, including Song Ji An (Bae Doo Na), to travel to the moon.

Their mission is to retrieve a mysterious sample from an abandoned research station. This drama aired for 8 episodes.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Ri is currently working on a new drama titled Twenty Five Twenty One. He will collide with Nam Joo Hyuk. The drama will premiere on February 12, 2022 on Netflix.


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