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God of War TV Series Is Working on Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon may soon dive into another video game adaptation project. After confirming their upcoming series based in the universe Fallout starring Walton Goggins and the series Mass Effect In the future, the streaming company is likely to make a comeback with gaming for content, a trend that’s becoming increasingly common in Hollywood these days. Now, according to a report from Deadlinethey are eyeing the franchise God of War belongs to PlayStation for the next big live-action series.

Amazon Prime Video will team up with Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions to bring an action-packed mythological adventure to the small screen with creators The ExpanseMark Fergus and Hawk Otsby and showrunner The Wheel of Time, Rafe Judkins to work on this project. If it goes well, this project will be the latest in a series of exclusive PlayStation games that are being developed as live-action presentations.

The report doesn’t state where in the serial timeline God of War it will happen. The game series itself has its roots in Greek mythology since its inception in 2005, but made the transition to Norse mythology in 2018. However given the trend, interest, and more cinematic presentation of the latter, it is likely that the series will gravitate towards Norse/Nordic mythology.

God of War would be the perfect candidate for the kind of big-budget, live-action adventure project that Prime Video excels at. The game trilogy and the spin-offs around it are already a huge hit for Sony Santa Monica Studios, following a furious Kratos as he slaughters his way through the ranks of Greece in revenge for the death of his family. The Ghost of Sparta has seen a renaissance of late thanks to the massive Norse-themed reboot of the series in 2018 that is generally hailed as one of the best PlayStation exclusives. In it, Kratos ventures along with his son Atreus to scatter his wife’s ashes as he asks, only to be confronted by ferocious Norse beasts and gods along their journey. the sequel, God of War Ragnarokscheduled for release in June.

Sony has also started and has prepared three of their franchises into the film and TV space. Film Uncharted has recently been released and several upcoming series related to Twisted Metal and The Last of Us also coming soon. There’s also a movie Ghost of Tsushima which they are also preparing.

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