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Go Hyun Jung to Ahn Jae Hong Starring in Netflix Mask Girl

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Netflix will return to produce an original Korean drama titled Mask Girl. A number of top actresses and actors are confirmed to be starring in this drama.

Mask Girl is a Korean drama adapted from a webtoon of the same name. This drama will tell the story of an office worker named Kim Mo Mi who is not confident with his face.

Every night, Kim Mo Mi turns into a broadcasting jockey (BJ) who works while covering his face with a mask. Mask Girl depicts the life story of Kim Mo Mi who is turbulent after she is accidentally dragged into an incident.

Webtoon Mask Girl itself is getting quite a lot of attention because of the depiction of new characters and plots.

Go Hyun Jung, Ahn Jae Hong, and Yeom Hye Ran are confirmed to star in Mask Girl. Go Hyun Jung will play the main character, Kim Mo Mi.

As a teenager, Kim Mo Mi dreamed of becoming a celebrity. But he was always rejected because his appearance was far from attractive.

Ahn Jae Hong will play the role of Joo Oh Nam who is Kim Mo Mi’s co-worker. Secretly, he has feelings for Kim Mo Mi.

On the other hand, Yeon Hye Ran will take on the role of Kim Kyung Ja who is Joo Oh Nam’s mother. Kim Kyung Ja is divorced from her husband and separated from her son. He was also told to look for the figure of Joo Oh Nam.

Mask Girl will be directed and written by Kim Yong Hoon, who previously won the Tiger Competition at the 49th International Film Festival Rotterdam through the thriller Beasts Clawing at Straws. This drama will be produced by Bon Factory, which previously successfully produced True Beauty, Encounter, and Master’s Sun.

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