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Gigi Hadid’s Pearl Necklace Designer Story in Instyle Magazine Cover Photoshoot

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CANTIKA.COM, Jakarta – supermodels, Gigi Hadid wearing a special pearl necklace during a magazine cover photoshoot InStyle March 2022 edition. The two-tier pearl necklace is personalized with the names of her, Gigi, and her daughter, Khai. It is Charlotte Alden, designer and founder of Lottie, a jewelry brand from New York, United States, who made it.

Alden, who founded the jewelry line during the pandemic, shares his inspiration for the creation necklace Fresh water pearls and 14 carat gold are sold for USD 165 or around Rp. 2.4 million.

“I think it’s very interesting because it sends a kind of message, related to the one in the media,” Alden told Page Six Styles, it seems the message refers to Gigi Hadid’s breakup drama with Zayn Malikhis ex-girlfriend and biological father of Khai, is related to a family dispute and Gigi chooses to focus on taking care of her child.

Alden added that he felt that Gigi Hadid’s journey with Khai was a major focal point in his interview with InStyleso that appearing wearing mother and child-themed accessories becomes more relevant.

Alden, who worked as a senior specialist at the now-defunct online auction house Paddle 8 before the company went bankrupt, was behind the necklace’s design, but it was celebrity stylist Julia von Boehm who specifically asked her to spell Gigi and Khai’s names.

“He (von Boehm) knows exactly what people want and what they want to see,” added the designer.

Alden was originally connected to von Boehm via direct message on Instagram, with very little faith that he will respond back. In fact a stylist InStylewho has worked with everyone from Nicole Kidman to Reese Witherspoon, immediately responded and asked to see examples of Alden’s work.

Just days later, Alden received a request for two custom pieces that Gigi Hadid would wear to her magazine cover shoot.

“Can you believe it? I’m still surprised. Looks like I’m still processing it,” Alden told Page Six. “Gigi Hadid is a top model in the world, who is also famous”

He also revealed that his sales have increased tremendously since the cover story of Gigi Hadid was released.

“I kind of had to sacrifice everything,” said Alden. “You have to believe in yourself. There is so much self-doubt. You have to put yourself through it. But now, no matter what happens, I know I have the ability to deal with it.”

Regarding the struggle to start a business, he said that he was directly involved in taking care of various things.

“I don’t really outsource help,” he said. “I had to learn how to make jewelry, how to source materials, how to take pictures, how to edit images, social media, style, graphic design, website building, marketing, PR, celebrity press, influencers, accounting, finance, order processing, to organizing, production,” he added. “I really factor in all the money I make, I put back into the business,” he said.

Apart from making pearl necklaces, Alden also made red and white “happy pill” earrings for Gigi Hadid’s appearance on the cover of Instyle magazine March 2022 which began circulating on newsstands and magazines on Friday, February 11, 2022.

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