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Get Updates, Galaxy Watch4 Series Can Be Running “Coach”

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Various studies have shown the benefits of running for health and fitness, ranging from improving brain function, losing weight, to reducing the risk of premature death. This sport is also relatively easy to do anytime and anywhere, so the benefits can be felt by various groups.

We can also support running activities in various ways to get maximum results, ranging from target selection and running intensity, to getting support from smartwatches. Now! Related to this, Samsung also recently announced a software update on the Galaxy Watch4 Series line.

“Understanding the importance of fitness for everyone, Samsung brings an update to the Galaxy Watch4 Series. Now the Galaxy Watch4 looks even better with various supports for running sports,” said Annisa Maulina, Product Marketing Manager for Mobile Experience, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Annisa added that the Watch4 Series now has interesting training options, to features that continue to accompany users. This smartwatch is like a personal trainer to live everyday life better, including providing more motivation to keep moving, turn on the best you.

Get the update, Galaxy Watch4 will maximize your running activity:

Understand the condition of the body better in every running activity

To get the full benefits of running, optimize every step from warm-up to cool-down. Updates to Galaxy Watch4 allow you to better understand your body condition in your running routine, and provide the best running experience.

Now, Galaxy Watch4 can measure your VO2 Max (maximum oxygen level used by the body during exercise) in real-time. That way, you can know faster how far you can push yourself when running in maintaining body fitness.

Then, when running the body will definitely sweat. Now there is a Sweat Loss feature that will provide recommendations for the amount of water you need to drink to keep your body properly hydrated based on the amount of body fluids you lose after running.

Then, you will also find another feature, namely Recovery Heart Rate. This feature will monitor the recovery of your heart rate for two minutes after exercising, ensuring you take a break or rest optimally. So, your running sport can be maximized.

Live a personalized running program with Interval Training

Tired of the same daily running routine? Galaxy Watch4 comes with a new feature called Interval Training. This feature will give you a custom and personalized training schedule according to the desired targets, such as the duration and distance of the run.

Achieve body goals using Body Composition Target

The next update on the Galaxy Watch4 is the presence of the Body Composition Target feature. Now, you can set targets for various elements of body composition, from body weight to fat content, as well as get tips and reminders every day that motivates you to achieve the targets set.

Thanks to Body Composition Target, you can link your body composition target with your workout routine, including running. So, you can get maximum benefits from your exercise routine with more comprehensive and detailed targets.

Enjoy better quality sleep with Sleep Coach

In maintaining health and fitness, we cannot only focus on sports activities. However, this exercise needs to be balanced with adequate rest as well, one of which is through sleep. In this regard, the sleep analysis function has become a favorite feature of Galaxy Watch series users from time to time.

Yes! After getting the update, now the Galaxy Watch4 is even more interesting for you to use because of the presence of the Sleep Coach feature. This feature will help you develop better sleeping habits. Later, Sleep Coach will track your sleep patterns for 7 days and ask you to answer the required survey.

Then, the Sleep Coach will give you one of the Sleep Symbol Animals that represents the profile of your sleep habits. From there, you will be directed to a more personalized program of 4-5 weeks that includes missions to complete, to-do lists, articles on sleep, meditation directions, and so on.

Used on the right or left hand, now you can

Updates to the Galaxy Watch4 also provide a more comfortable and seamless experience in every use. Now, the smartwatch can be worn on the right or left wrist with the development of accessibility that adjusts the orientation of the user’s hand.

Then, for those of you who just have a Galaxy Watch4, now your favorite apps on your smartphone can be installed automatically on the smartwatch when you setup it for the first time. Strava to Spotify, all easy to install.

Pair Galaxy Watch4 with Galaxy Buds2 for the ultimate sports experience

Studies show that running while listening to music has many benefits for the body, from reducing fatigue to helping you move faster. You can use the Galaxy Buds2 which are specially designed to provide comfort and a snug feeling in the ear, including when worn for running.

To make the experience of listening to songs while running more exciting, you can pair the Galaxy Buds2 with the Galaxy Watch4 to control the music that is being listened to. So, you no longer need to bother taking your smartphone in your pocket just to play music.

The Galaxy Watch4 Series is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, while the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is available in 42mm and 46mm sizes. Until March 31, 2022, purchasing the Galaxy Watch4 Classic at has the opportunity to get a cashback of IDR 200,000.

Galaxy Watch4 40mm is priced at IDR 2,999,000, Black and Pink Gold color options;
Galaxy Watch4 44mm is priced at IDR 3,499,000, Black, Silver, and Green color options;
Galaxy Watch4 LTE 40mm is priced at IDR 3,999,000, Pink Gold color option;
Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm Bluetooth priced at IDR 4,499,000, Black and Silver color options;
Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm Bluetooth priced at IDR 4,999,000, Black and Silver color options;
Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm LTE is priced at IDR 5,999,000, Black color option.

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