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Get to know Burgerkill’s new vocalist, Ronald Alexander Radja Haba

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BANDUNG, – Burgerkill introduces its new vocalist, Ronald Alexander Radja Haba. His voice can already be heard in their latest song, “Roar of Chaos”.

“We chose Ronald because his attitude connects with us. Ronald also wants to learn,” said Burgerkill guitarist, Agung, to on the sidelines of Spirit of The Decade at Studio Hellprint Official Bandung, Monday (10/1/2022).

Agung explained that Ronald was previously the vocalist of the band Carnivored. There he used to sing songs with pitch lower voice than Burgerkill.

With these differences, Ronald is willing to learn and try to catch up. Because that’s the most important attitude, because the technique can be learned.

“Physics is also a consideration for a band (especially a vocalist),” said Agung.

Actually, this is not the first time Ronald has come into contact with Burgerkill.

Ronald said that several years ago, after a gig for Carnivored, he was contacted by the late Eben, the guitarist for Burgerkill.

“Pak Eben called, I have a project, do you want to help? I was thinking about starting a new band. Then Mr. Eben asked, when are you going to Bandung?” he said.

Ronald replied that he was going to Bandung while taking care of business clothing. During Lebaran he met Eben, apparently for Burgerkill.

“At that time, I only helped a few stages, eh, it turned out to be rude,” said Ronald.

He admitted that his background music with Burgerkill is different, because Carnivored is more of death metal. The sound range is also different.

“It’s still in the adaptation process. When you first listen, it’s hard to listen to your own voice,” he said, laughing.

Who is Ronald?

Burgerkill's new vocalist, Ronald Alexander Radja SUSANTI Burgerkill’s new vocalist, Ronald Alexander Radja Haba

The man whose full name is Ronald Alexander Radja Haba is a man born in Jakarta on November 25, 1985. He began to be active in music when he was in SMA 1 PSKD Jakarta, 2004 ago.

But Ronald is starting to be active band in 2009. He tried various types of music, including death metal. One of the music that became part of his life is Burgerkill.

Album Venomous Burgerkill’s which was launched in 2011 and then made Ronald a fan of Burgerkill until now.

He later joined Carnivored. Until finally he was invited by Eben to play with Burgerkill. To him it was like a dream.

Spirit of the Decade

One of the stages he faced as a Burgerkill vocalist was The Super Roar which is the closing event of the series Spirit of Decadea virtual concert of Supermusic and Hellprint collaboration.

“The preparation is of course training,” said Ronald.

Meanwhile, Supermusic representative, Tries Pondang said, this virtual concert is a form of concern for music.

He wants this collaboration to build an underground music industry that can be felt outside of Bandung. Of course, one of the bands that is always included is Burgerkill.

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