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German beach attractions – Segara beach in Tuban Kuta

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The southern Bali region offers many tourist attractions that are mandatory tour destinations for tourists, some of which are Kuta, Pandawa, Dreamland and Tanjung Benoa beaches. However, have you ever heard of a German beach, for local residents this place is certainly not foreign, it is different for tourists, many are not aware of the existence of this German beach, as well as travel agents, rarely package their tour packages to this attraction, even though the charm nature can be equated with popular places in the area.

German Beach attractions or soon in Tuban

From the name, the German beach is not like other beaches in Bali which usually take the name of the village where the beach is located, this place takes the name of a country, then what is the history or origin of this beach, everything will be packaged in this page. German beach is also known as Segara beach, the location of the German beach itself is located on Jalan Wana Segara, Tuban village, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. Located on a coastline with Kuta beach which is already so popular in foreign countries, the location of the German beach or Segara beach is also very strategic and easy to reach, located to the north of Ngurah Rai Airport, directly adjacent to the aircraft runway. Map and address of check location in google maps.

German beach attractions

If the German coast is to the north of Tuban’s Ngurah Rai airport, then to the south of the airport is Kelan beach, which is now popular with camel rides with the operator Bali Camel Adventure. German beaches do offer beautiful coastal beauty, like Kuta beach, German beaches offer the natural charm of white sandy beaches and spectacular sunsets. With beautiful nature and various attractions on offer, this German beach is naturally calmer than Kuta beach, while currently visits to this beach attraction are more dominated by local residents.

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The attraction of this German beach is indeed quite special, a wide stretch of white sandy beach, a place to relax or play in the sand, is ideal for children and adults, making it an ideal family travel destination. If you visit in the afternoon there are a number of shade trees for shade, or you can rent a beach umbrella provided by local residents, but for foreign tourists, it is certainly an ideal time to bask in the hot sun.

German Beaches in Tuban Bali

There are many traditional boats in this coastal area, it indicates that there are still many fishermen in this area, this is certainly an interesting sight, if in the tourism center area of ​​​​Kuta you can still find traditional boats moored on the beach, you can also see the view of airplanes taking off take off or land, for those of you who like and like selfie photos, of course this beautiful view can be captured well. This place is also ideal for fishing trips because you can see a number of people fishing.

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This German beach tourist attraction, is still relatively empty of visitors for the size of the beach in the Kuta tourism area, for local residents to make this place a tourist destination, even a number of residents take advantage of the wide and sloping beach to play football. Some visitors are also busy playing and bathing on the beach. There are also food and beverage stalls with local prices, however, please note, currently they are still not equipped with bathroom facilities, so if you want to take a shower, get ready with wet clothes without a changing room. Visiting the German coast is free of entry fees, only a parking fee.

Panoramic sunset on the German coast of Tuban

The most special thing in this German beach tourist attraction or Segara is, enjoying the sunset treats, the natural charm of this sunset is what visitors are waiting for, especially with the rows of fishing boats blending beautifully with the charming sunset nature. For those who like photo hunting or photography lovers, the sunset is the best time to capture it. So if you want to schedule a tour in the South Bali area, then your German beach can be the last tour destination to watch the sunset, especially since it is located in the same direction and close to other popular tourist attractions.

History of German beach names

Then how is the history or origin of this beach so that it is called the German beach and also the Segara beach, according to residents’ stories, this beach was once a trading port in Kuta Bali, this port is also the most important part for the economy in the South Bali area, because many ships from outside Bali docked bring merchandise to make buying and selling transactions. Over time the Kuta port was destroyed by abrasion and gradually the people no longer made the area a trading port and a number of German citizens in Bali came to the place to build housing.

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The area that was formerly known as a trading port, was later inhabited by German citizens, that’s why the native Balinese named the area the German Beach, and over time, the German housing estate was destroyed by coastal abrasion, so the name of the German beach was changed to the name Segara beach. . But until now, the name of this German beach is still attached to people’s memories, so that the term German beach is still very popular, even today the letters or the words “German Beach” are plastered on the beach.

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