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Garmin Launches the fēnix 7 and Epix Series, this is the price for the Indonesian market

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Garmin, a leading smartwearable device brand, has been constantly creating breakthroughs and innovations since its inception. Through deep scientific and technological expertise in research and development, Garmin dominates across land, sea and air with its extraordinary achievements.

Since the Forerunner watch was first released by Garmin in 2003, Garmin has grown its market in areas such as triathlon, mountaineering, golf and more, establishing the highest market share across all outdoor segments.

Expanding its footprint on land, Garmin has been ranked first in the field of marine recreation since 2017. In addition, Garmin Autoland has received the Robert J. Collier Trophy in 2020 which is a benchmark for aerospace achievements.

Smartwatches such as the D2 and fēnix series have even been selected for US military use due to their accuracy and reliability. Garmin continues to challenge the adventurous spirit of users who dare to take on challenges in various fields with the launch of the fēnix 7 series.

Compared to the previous generation, fēnix 7 features increased solar cell efficiency and longer battery life to offer users convenience when they are doing various sports activities. Moreover, this series is also the first smartwatch to be equipped with an internal flashlight.

Along with the launch of the fēnix 7 series, Garmin also introduced the epix — a smartwatch set designed to mold the adventurous spirit into new urban rhythms. In addition to supporting a variety of sports functions, Epix also features a high-definition AMOLED touch screen with a long battery life.

As explained by Scoppen Lin, Assistant General Manager of Garmin Asia that since the launch of the first fēnix smartwatch 10 years ago, Garmn has continuously pursued innovation and brought amazing products to outdoor enthusiasts by ensuring safety and reliability.

“We have designed the best outdoor smartwatches with enhanced safety functions, Health and fitness features to support seamless travel. All of that is present in our latest smartwatch through the launch of the fēnix 7 and epix series,” said Scoppen Lin.

“7 days doesn’t make it a week, you created it”

Equipped with 1.2”, 1.3” and 1.4” MIP, the outdoor series features durable, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective Power Sapphire, as well as patented solar panels. Expanding the surface of the solar panels while optimizing the configuration of solar cells and conductive materials makes the solar efficiency increase by 200% over its predecessor

In addition, the Power Manager function was also improved and made the overall battery power on the fēnix 7x increase by almost 300%. This technology allows them to achieve up to 24 days of battery life with UltraTrac Mode.

With over 40 sport modes such as mountaineering, triathlon, bouldering, cross country running and more, the new Real-Time Stamina function allows users to understand their physical strength and adjust speed and intensity in real time.

In long-distance races, it helps the athlete to strategize and manage his strength for different intervals. In addition, athletes can also activate the Up Ahead feature to set their strategy before the match.

Meanwhile, the use of the Garmin Connect application can also help to create routes and mark waypoints. After syncing with fēnix 7, they can quickly check previews of checkpoints, drinking water stations, medical posts, and other route data.

Interestingly, the fēnix 7X designed by Garmin is the first smartwatch with a built-in flashlight that supports four brightness levels and an activated red flashlight for critical situations that can display an SOS signal.

For runners who prefer to run at dusk or at night, they can set a flashlight that adjusts to the rhythm of the run where the watch will emit white and red lights alternately according to the swing of the hand. This will make the lamp stand out more to increase personal safety.

“Wear epic, be epic”

epix features an AMOLED touchscreen while delivering 21 days of battery life for extended use. Garmin launches the Epix – the premium GPS watch for the urban user who enjoys the outdoors in style.

epix, the first outdoor series to feature a high-definition AMOLED touch screen, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens and 45mm lightweight titanium alloy bezel designed for the modern urban adventurer. To challenge the athletic spirit, this series offers more than 40 outdoor and indoor sports modes.

In addition, the smartwatch also supports 42,000 golf course maps and 2,200 ski resorts worldwide. In addition to enhanced sports modes, health functions, and smart features, this series can maintain battery power for hours of use.

This watch continues to record data for 30 hours with GPS sports mode, has a battery life of 16 hours with smartwatch mode, and up to 21 days when Power Manager is activated. The fēnix and epix series are also built to the US Military specification MIL-STD-810 which also supports Multi-GNSS positioning.

The Multi-Band frequency setting greatly improves positioning speed and accuracy both in the city center and at the top of the mountain. New functions that include Up Ahead and Real-Time Stamina allow outdoor enthusiasts to determine the best route ahead of time and keep track of their physical strength in real time.

For the first time, epix offers the flexibility to switch from a touchscreen to the use of physical buttons while also supporting free global maps to give users complete control over their adventures. The fēnix 7 and epix series allow users to sync music streaming service providers such as Spotify

There is also all-day connection support with smart notifications. There is also health and fitness monitoring including heart rate, stress level, blood oxygen, body battery, sleep quality, fitness age, and instant health reports that put health and fitness information at your fingertips.

Interested in buying this smartwatch? The fēnix 7 series is priced from Rp. 11,649,000 – Rp. 20,799,000 and Rp. 14,979,000 – Rp. 16,649,000 for epix. This smartwatch can be found throughout the Garmin Brand Store network, as well as the Garmin Official Store at Tokopedia, Shope, and BliBli.

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