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Galaxy S22 5G Series has been sold directly in Indonesia starting March 4

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Samsung officially presents the Galaxy S22 Series 5G and Galaxy Tab S8 Series 5G to Indonesia. Now, fans of Samsung devices who are interested in buying the Galaxy S22 Series 5G and Galaxy Tab Series 5G can get them directly starting March 4, 2022, online or at the nearest physical store.

Through its three product lines, the Galaxy S22 Series 5G is here to invite people to create new rules and ways to live a better life and daily life. With Galaxy S22 5G, create a new style of hanging out with friends by enjoying online entertainment together.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S22+ 5G, will invite you to find new ways to create more epic content, even at night. The Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G also presents a new way to integrate productivity and creativity as well as personal and professional life for a more optimal daily life.

“From time to time, we are always challenged to do things in new ways for more effective processes and better results. The same thing happened at Samsung,” said Simon Lee, President, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Simon Lee added that engineers at Samsung have always challenged themselves to create smartphones with higher standards from year to year, and now Samsung is bringing the Galaxy S22 Series 5G to the country which breaks boundaries by bringing the most epic standards in the flagship class.

Find the best Galaxy S22 Series 5G that is most suitable for you with four different points of view from famous figures in Indonesia, namely Sheila Dara (actress), Jerome Polin (content creator), Nagita Slavina (entrepreneur), and Angga Dwimas Sasongko (director). ).

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