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Full Profile and Biography of Park Seo Ham

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Park Seo Ham is not new to South Korean entertainment. However, recently his name skyrocketed following the success of Korean dramas Semantic Errors. In the drama adaptation of the BL webtoon, he plays Jang Jae Young, the main character.

Idol actor This increasingly makes fans ‘spooked’ when they have to leave for military service at the peak of their popularity on March 10, 2022. Come on, look at the profile and biodata of Park Seo Ham who has successfully made netizens laugh!

1. General bio

Biography of Park Seo Ham (

Name: Park Seoham (박서함)
Birth name: Park Gyeongbok (박경복)
Birthday: October 28, 1993
Zodiac: Scorpio
Tall: 189 cm
Heavy: 70 kg (154 lbs)
Shoe size: 43
Blood group: B
Instagram: @parkseoham
YouTube: Park Seoham

2. Career journey

Park Seo Ham's Complete Profile and Biodata, Skyrocketed Through Semantic ErrorBiography of Park Seo Ham (

Park Seo Ham was born with the name Park Gyeongbok. He was also known as Park Seung Jun, before officially changing him to Park Seo Ham in 2018.

Originally, he was trainee at Big Hit Entertainment and practiced with the BTS members. In fact, he is known to be still friends with BTS’s RM and Jin until now.

Park Seo Ham then moved to JYP Entertainment after winning second place at the JYP 10th Open Audition in 2013. There, he became a trainee actor. But in the end, Park Seo Ham debuted as a member boy group KNK on March 3, 2016 through the YNB Entertainment agency.

In 2017, the boy who is called one of the tallest idols made his acting debut in the drama 20th Century Boy and Girl. Since then, Park Seo Ham started appearing in various variety shows and Korean dramas, such as One Fine Week 2 until Dali and the Cocky Prince.

He has also been a participant in survival show MIXNINE and took the 32nd place. Even so, Park Seo Ham managed to take first place in the category Top 12 Male Visuals MIXNINE contestants chosen by Korean netizens.

3. Popularity development

Park Seo Ham's Complete Profile and Biodata, Skyrocketed Through Semantic ErrorPark Seo Ham in the drama Semantic Error (doc. Watcha/Semantic Error)

After 5 years as a member of KNK, Park Seo Ham finally declared his departure from the group and the agency that oversees it, 220 Entertainment, on September 30, 2021. This decision has been through long discussions with the members.

prestige of idol actor finally skyrocketed after playing Jang Jae Young in Semantic Errors. He was first offered this role while still with KNK, but turned it down. After leaving KNK, he was again offered, but still refused.

Park Seo Ham feels burdened by popularity webtoon winner of the award. He also felt less confident, because he had not acted for too long. However, after being offered the umpteenth time, he finally accepted the drama boys love this.

His decision bore fruit. In this Korean drama, Seo Ham collided with Park Jae Chan, a member of DONGKIZ. The acting of the two received praise, the Korean drama was selling well among domestic and foreign audiences. Followers Social media has skyrocketed.

Hope there is season second, unfortunately Park Seo Ham has to undergo military service starting March 10, 2022. On March 7, NPIO Entertainment, a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment, announced that Park Seo Ham had signed an exclusive contract with the actor’s agency before enlisting in the military. So fans please be patient, OK!

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4. Unique facts

Park Seo Ham's Complete Profile and Biodata, Skyrocketed Through Semantic ErrorBiography of Park Seo Ham (
  • Park Seo Ham has a younger brother
  • The name Gyeongbok is a gift from his grandfather
  • He changed it to Seung Jun, because often being bullied when kids
  • He changed it to Seo Ham, due to agency changes and family advice
  • Although the oldest member in KNK, Park Seo Ham is also known to be the most childish
  • Ideal partner type: “Someone who can take care of me and protect me”
  • Park Seo Ham likes Harry Potter, Pokemon, and Digimon. He collects figurines
  • His favorite sport is bowling
  • He is known to be very flexible and can do splits
  • His favorite food is meat and he doesn’t like fizzy drinks
  • When he was little he wanted to be a teacher

5. Rows of works

Park Seo Ham's Complete Profile and Biodata, Skyrocketed Through Semantic ErrorBiography of Park Seo Ham (

Album with KNK:

  • Knock (2016)
  • Gravity (2017)
  • U / Back Again (2017) in Japan
  • Lonely Night (2019)
  • KNK S/S Collection (2019)

Extended Plays with KNK:

  • Awake (2016)
  • Remain (2016)
  • Gravity, Completed (2017)
  • KNK Airline (2020)


  • Semantic Error (Watcha/2022) as Jang Jae Young
  • Dali and the Cocky Prince (KBS2/2001) as Park Seo Ham (Episode 7)
  • One Fine Week 2 (Naver TV Cast/2020) as Eden
  • Dating Class (Naver TV Cast/2019) as Yoon Soo
  • Just One Bite Season 2 (Naver TV Cast/2019)as Joo Woo Kyung
  • 20th Century Boy and Girl (MBC/2017) as young Anthony

Survival programs:

  • MIXNINE (JTBC/2017)
  • Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC/2018)

6. Rows of achievements

Park Seo Ham's Complete Profile and Biodata, Skyrocketed Through Semantic ErrorBiography of Park Seo Ham (

With KNK:

  • Asia Artist Awards 2016
    Top 50 Most Popular Artists (Singer) – Position 38
  • Korean Culture Entertainment Awards 2016
    K-pop Singer Award
  • V Live Awards 2017
    Global Rookie Top 5
  • Korean Entertainment Arts Awards 2017
    Netizen Award
  • Soribada Best K-Music Awards 2017
    Music Star Awards
  • FANN Star 2017
    Rising Star Award
  • Korean Entertainment Arts Awards 2019
    Best Group


    The first position of Top 12 Visual Male of MIXNINE by Korean netizens

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