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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Song Dear which was sung by Maulidia Octavia alias Via Vallen was very hit in 2017. Almost every private television in Indonesia discussed the song containing the Javanese language.

In fact, the song that has always been Via’s mainstay is not hers. The song is actually titled Mirai e belongs to the duo Kiroro from Japan.

Since then many people have questioned the origin of the song Dear, especially citizens who surf in cyberspace. They find out where exactly Dear originated.

Antonius Sutanto alias Anton Obama is the first Indonesian musician to take song notation Mirai e at the end of 2012. He wrote the lyrics of a song about love to a couple entitled Eternal Tresno (Eternal love).

“At that time I took the notation of the song called Hou Lai sung by Rene Liu, a Chinese musician. I don’t know if it’s actually a song Mirai esaid Anton to by telephone, Wednesday (21/3).

Song Mirai e released by Kiroro in June 1998 as a single album Nagai Aida. Mirai e It was also used as the original theme song for the hit game Final Fantasy IX in 2000.


Then, the song was sung again by actress and musician from Taiwan, Rene Liu. The song was released in June 2012.


Anton, who lives in Solo, did not think about copyright permission when he took the notation for the song. He just idly took the song to be sung by his band called Orkes Melayu Oriental Band Mandarin (OM Obama).

However, Anton’s band disbanded before they could even perform and performed Tresno Abadi’s song. However, former OM Obama drummer, Tony Kurniawan, formed a new band called Orkes Melayu Wawes.

“OM Wawes sings a song Eternal Tresno whose title was changed to Darling. I didn’t expect this song to explode. At that time around 2012, the song Sayang is already famous in Solo,” said Anton.


The song began to circulate to other areas of Central Java, one of which was Yogyakarta. There’s even a song format Dear which can be played by cellular phones (cell phones) which makes the song circulate quickly.

NDX AKA Familia personnel, Yonanda, admitted that he received songs from cell phones to cellphones that were sent via bluetooth. Just like Anton, Yonanda sang the song without thinking about copyright permission because it was based on a sense of fun.

“In 2013 we sang the song Sayang with additional lyrics in the rap section. We only took the chorus part created by Anton, we created the rap part,” said Yonanda to

Yonanda claims song Dear the rap version is more explosive than Dear Anton’s version. He was flooded with gig offers inside and outside the city.

In 2014, NDX AKA Familia had one stage with Via. The event organizer asked NDX AKA Familia and Via to sing the song Dear rap version.


After the one-stage performance, Via released the song Dear rap version under the auspices of Ascada Musik in February 2017. The song exploded even more when sung by Via, even on a national scale.

Via’s name skyrocketed by singing the song. The singer from Surabaya appears on almost every private television.


“Until now, no one has asked for permission to sing the song Sayang from Via Vallen. It’s been four years, until now I have never met Via Vallen again,” said Yonanda.

In terms of royalties, said Yonanda, Ascada Musik asked Anton for permission. According to him at that time Anton gave permission to Via to sing the song Dear rap version. In fact, Anton did not write the lyrics for the rap section.

Yonanda explained that the former manager of NDX AKA Familia had met with Anton at the end of 2016 to discuss the issue of song copyrights Dear. According to him, at that time Anton admitted that he did not write the lyrics for the rap part, but Anton did not share royalties with NDX AKA Familia.

“We don’t really demand royalties, we’re just names. We just want people to know that the song Dear that is sung by Via Vallen is also our work. “Many television stations write, “Unfortunately, the rap version by Anton Obama should have been written by Anton Obama and NDX AKA Familia,” said Yonanda.

Meanwhile, Anton admitted that he gave permission to Ascada Musik to perform the song Dear Unlicensed rap version of NDX AKA Familia. Even though Anton did not write the rap part of the song.

Upon granting permission to sing the song, Anton receives a 9 percent share of all digital sales of the song Dear from Ascada Music.

“I didn’t share royalties with NDX because the song was already published. Besides, NDX already apologized to me when they sang the song. Dear with added rap. I have their letter of apology,” said Anton

Anton continued, “So I assume it’s my song, full lyrics Dear I wrote it. I don’t really write rap parts, but if someone adds lyrics and sings it back, I think it’s still my song.”

Furthermore, Ascada Musik took the song Sayang because it matched Via’s vocals. They have also received permission from Anton by giving royalties.

“So far, no one has protested because Ascada Musik has obtained permission from the Japanese publisher of the song Mirai e and the songwriter Dear namely Anton Obama,” Ascada Musik told trying to contact Kiroro’s side to ask permission to take song Notation Mirai e what Ascada Musik does. However, until this news was published, there was no reply from Kiroro’s side.


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