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Frislly Herlind’s Horror Series, It’s Me Marsya Reaches 300 Thousand Viewers

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PIM Pictures has re-released their latest work, Series It’s Me Marsya on their Youtube channel. In just 3 days of broadcast, It’s Me Marsya has been watched by more than 300,000 people. This figure far exceeded the audience’s expectations set by the production house made by Agustinus Sitorus.

This series is inspired by the true story experienced by Frislly Herlind, an indigo, film actress, and YouTuber about her magical friend named Marsya. In the real world, Marsya is Frislly’s little friend who has accompanied her since the age of two in the form of the spirit of a small Dutch child. Frislly often tells about Marsya on his Youtube channel. In fact, occasionally Marsya ‘comes’ in some of the videos she uploads.

“Marsya, that is the name of a friend I gave to my childhood friend. Now he is here. He wanted to share his story, who and where he came from. It turns out that there are a lot of people who also want to know Marsya,” said Frisly.

Augustine Sitorus Producer Series It’s Me Marsya conveyed the high audience until the third day far exceeded the target set. “Reaching 300 thousand viewers in such a short time is far beyond our expectations. But, this year, I am very happy to be able to greet Indonesian film audiences with the works that we prepare with all our hearts. We hope, It’s Me Marsya can accompany all of my colleagues to close the year 2021.”

This series stars Frislly Herlind who tells the story of his childhood with Marsya. It’s Me Marsya is directed by Kenny Gulardi and produced by Agustinus Sitorus with Simonta Tuan Siagian. Series It’s Me Marsya can colleagues access via (cinemas)

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