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Four Kinds of Swimming Style

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VIVA – Sport is a very fun activity, apart from making us healthy, one of the most popular sports is swimming, besides making us healthy, swimming is also good for posture and healthy heart rate.

Swimming can be done by several age groups, from small children to adults. Swimming activity is also good for pregnant women, with a note there is advice from a doctor for pregnant women.

Swimming is also one of the hobbies of the Prophet Muhammad, as Rasulullah SAW said in his hadith “Everything that does not contain dhikrullah is a futile act, a joke, and a game. Except for four things, namely joking between husband and wife, training horses, practicing archery, and swimming(HR. An-Nasa’i).

Types of Swimming

Swimming movements are not carried out carelessly, there are several things that must be considered if we do the swimming style, so that when we swim we get a comfortable swimming style, following the swimming style as reported by hellosehat.

1. Freestyle.

Freestyle or what is often called Freestyle or Front Crawl, this style is a very easy to learn for beginners, with this style you don’t have to worry about running out of energy.

Women’s Freestyle 400m Freestyle

Freestyle does not mean swimming the way we want, there are several things that must be considered so that there are no fatal mistakes, the first thing to pay attention to is to float with the stomach and face facing the water, both keep your legs straight, then kick your feet up and down alternately.

Third, start with both arms straight in front of you and ready to do alternating rowing movements, then pull one arm under the body up to the thigh.

Fourth When one arm is out of the water, the other arm is rowed under the water up to the thigh. Do the movement continuously until your body is pushed forward, and finally turn your head to the side to inhale, do it on the side of the arm raised up.

2. Backstroke

Backstroke swimming or backstroke, a swimming style that is the back as a support, many doctors recommend doing this style for people with back problems, this is very useful for strengthening the back muscles, here are things to do if we do the backstroke.

Nurul Masters 200 M Backstroke at FAI 2018

Nurul Masters 200 M Backstroke at FAI 2018

First, Float on your back, ears right in the water, and eyes looking up. Then stretch your body as long as possible, secondly, straighten your legs and then kick your legs up and down alternately. The knee should stay under the water with the toes making small splashes. Kick your feet quickly and continuously.

Third, Start with your arms outstretched to your sides. Pull your arm out of the water with your thumb first, then smooth it over your shoulder, and finally, dip your hand into the water with your little finger first. Push your arms under the water up to your thighs.

3. Bust Style

Breaststroke or breaststroke, is a swimming style that is highly recommended for beginners who want to jump directly into swimming, the breaststroke movement is often called the frog style, because this movement tends to be very relaxed, here are the steps that must be considered.

Gagarin 200M breaststroke

First, float with your stomach while your face is facing the water, then stretch your body while extending your arms as long as possible, secondly, straighten your legs and stretch your toes, then bend your knees slowly under the water and kick out.

Third, keep yourself in the water while straightening your arms and then rowing in a semi-circle outwards so that the body comes forward, and lastly. water.

4. Butterfly style

The butterfly stroke, or butterfly stroke, is the most difficult style, for people who want to lose weight, this style is very suitable to do, because this style burns the most calories, if you want to do the butterfly stroke it is recommended that you bring a trainer swimming, because this movement is very difficult, the following must be considered.

Triadi Fauzi Wins Gold in the Men's 50 Meter Butterfly Butterfly Final

Triadi Fauzi Wins Gold in the Men’s 50 Meter Butterfly Butterfly Final

First, float with your stomach and face facing the water, then stretch as long as you can. second, move your body from head to toe, whipping, bending, and straightening your knees, much like a dolphin swimming.

Third, dip both hands into the water at the same time with your arms parallel to your shoulders. Then, paddle your arms up to your hips to create a push, and finally to inhale, push your chin into the water towards the end of the push.

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