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For the Totality of Playing Batman, Robert Pattinson Learns Indonesian Martial Arts

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Actor Robert Pattinson at the launch of ‘The Batman’ in London, England 2022. REUTERS/Tom Nicholson

INDOSPORT.COM – The long wait for Batman fans has finally paid off after The Batman premiered in Indonesia since March 2. Robert Pattinson was asked to play the main character, and this is something new in the world of “Bats”.

Matt Reeves seemed to be successful in gushing this new film, he handled all aspects well from story, characterization, acting, to other technical aspects such as cinematography and music.

Another thing that has become a topic of discussion among film lovers is the presence of Robert Pattinson who fills the role of Batman. Robert played the character of Bruce Wayne with flex.

The actor, who was born 35 years ago in London, England, is blooming after the film he starred in received good responses and reviews.

Robert Pattinson admits that he has been studying self-defense for a long time. The Bruce Wayne admits to getting into his acting when Batman fights with his opponent.

Interestingly, the British actor admitted that the fighting style in The Batman uses the term “Indonesian fighting style”.

In an interview with Den Of Geek he said he had studied several combinations of moves, he also said that it took a lot of work to learn the choreography in films.

Considering the difficulty of self-defense techniques, Robert was assisted by the coordination of the stunt supervisor, namely, Rob Alonzo.

“We use everything according to the Indonesian fighting style, where you use two sticks and the movement is adjusted accordingly, and then you remove the sticks,” said Pattinson.

The presence of The Batman seems to answer the expectations of fans who long for a solo Batman film, after The Dark Knight trilogy a decade ago.

The satisfaction of the audience is reflected in the virtual world accompanied by good comments. This film received an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While on IMDb it got 8.6/10.

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