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For Social Mission, Son of David Beckham Releases Catchy Single!

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Cruz Beckham’s social action.

Fruit does not fall far from the tree. The saying aptly describes the social action of Cruz Beckham which was inspired by the footsteps of his parents. While Victoria Beckham works as a UNAIDS ambassador, and David Beckham as a UNICEF ambassador, little Cruz Beckham is involved in a social mission with UK-based charity Make Some Noise.

As a father, David Beckham is proud of Cruz’s concern for the plight of underprivileged children in England. “As parents, we want our children to hear and look up to us as role models. Cruz put forward the idea ‘what if I make a Christmas carol that the proceeds can be donated?’” David Beckham explains in his quote on

Single Cruz Beckham entitled If Everyday Was Christmas this is his collaboration with Scooter Braun – who is none other than manager from Justin Bieber.

“There is nothing greater than the moment,” added David Beckham. “Cruz is 11 years old, he’s still in school, and he’s still focused on studying, that’s the most important thing. But he wants to share it with other people. What he did with this Christmas carol was extraordinary and caught the attention of many people, we are proud because he came to us with a concept.”

Single If Everyday Was Christmas itself can be downloaded on iTunes.

Photo credit: Michael Steele / Cruz Beckham

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