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Follow these 4 steps to wash these jeans to make them durable and fade-free

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After rinsing, do not dry the jeans using a clothes dryer or dryer. Similar to using hot water when washing, high heat will make your jeans shrink.

Hang the jeans outdoors, but don’t expose them to direct sunlight. When the jeans are exposed to direct sunlight, it is likely that the color of your jeans will fade faster because they are exposed to direct heat.

4. Iron with the correct method

If the jeans are dry, we also have to pay attention to how to iron the jeans in order to keep them durable. If the jeans are very wrinkled, it is better to iron them upside down. Starting from the pockets, waist, followed by the legs.

After that, store your jeans by hanging them using a special pants hanger, so as to avoid the creases in the pants which actually make the folds fade quickly.

Those are the four steps in washing jeans so they can stay durable and don’t fade easily. Good luck, yes!

*Author: Chrisstella Efivania.

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