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Folklore Guide Season Two which airs November 14

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HBO Asia Original horror anthology series Folklorewhich features superstitions and myths rooted in the Asian region, adding to the fear with the arrival of a second season.

Six episodes of this new season are starting to air 14 November at 21.00 WIB exclusively on HBO GO and HBO. Subsequent episodes air every Sunday at the same time.

Folklore Season Two continue to dive into the myriad of traditions and beliefs in Asia. A series of stories from six different regions of Asia – Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore, a series that explores the human condition when faced with supernatural phenomena in a gripping struggle against itself, each story providing a different view and perspective. Each episode is directed by a director from that country.

The directors of Folklore Season Two include Shih-Han Liao from Taiwan, Seiko Matsuda from Japan, Sittisiri Mongkolsiri from Thailand, Erik Matti from the Philippines, Billy Christian from Indonesia and Nicole Midori Woodford from Singapore. Award-winning Singaporean filmmaker Eric Khoo is back as showrunner.

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Highlighting female directors in Asia, Japanese pop superstar Seiko Matsuda, who makes her directorial debut, draws from personal experience presenting an original concept of the frightful Japanese character that is popular, while the Singapore episode directed by Nicole Midori Woodford talks about dealing with family trauma. .

Folklore Season Two also features players from all over Asia. A string of stars like Vivian Sung Yun-Hwa (“Our Times”, “Lost Romance”), Wu Kang-Ren (HBO Asia Original series “The World Between Us”, “A Touch of Green”), Win Morisaki (“Ready Player One”, “Honki no Shirushi” (The Real Thing)), Jennis Oprasert (“Where We Belong”), Dolly de Leon (“Verdict”, “Midnight in a Perfect World”), Lydia Kandou (“Doll from Indiana” (Doll from Indiana), “Chase Your Match I Catch”) and Minde Ong (“881”, “The Transcend”) as the main character of each episode.

Produced with support from the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Folklore is HBO Asia’s first horror anthology original series. Various episodes of Folklore Season 1 has screened at a number of well-known international film festivals such as the Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada), SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Fantastic Fest (Texas, USA), Scream Fest (Singapore), Five Flavors Asian Film Festival (Warsaw, Poland), Asian World Film Fest (California, USA), Geneva International Film Festival (Geneva Switzerland), Trieste Science+Fiction Festival (Trieste, Italy), Philadelphia Asian Film Festival (Philadelphia, USA), San Diego Asian Film Festival (San Diego, USA), CinemaAsia International Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Festival Series Mania (Lille, France), Tokyo International Film Festival (Tokyo, Japan), and Ehime International Film Festival (Ehime, Japan).

Episode Guide Folklore Season Two:

S2 Folklore: The Rope

Show date: Sunday, November 14 at 21.00 WIB at HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Shih-Han Liao (Taiwan)

Cast: Vivian Sung (Sung Yun-Hwa), Wu Kang-Ren

A recently married woman was walking alone home after a festive wedding, when she was caught up in a purification ritual performed for a suicide victim. The ritual leader asks him to follow the ritual, or he will be cursed. But he ran away despite warnings. His life turns around with strange phenomena and ghost disturbances. Worried that this is due to a curse, he seeks help from the Master of the purification ritual who justifies his most horrific fears. However, there is more to it than meets the eye and he must reach the bottom of this mystery before it is completely destroyed.

S2 Folklore: The Day the Wind Blew

Show date: Sunday, November 21 at 21.00 WIB at HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Seiko Matsuda (Japan)

Player: Win Morisaki, Haori Takahashi

The Day The Wind Blew Mika is a student who meets the man of her dreams – Ken, her favorite singer. When he sat at Ken’s concert, everything seemed perfect. Not only did he get to watch the show he’d always hoped for and so on, it seemed that Ken was paying attention to him. But something went wrong. Since the day she went to the concert, a cold wind had accompanied this woman’s steps as her dreams came true, shattered by a feeling of dread. What appears to be the beginning of a love story that can only be described as a story destined to have a terrible ending.

S2 Folklore: Broker Of Death

Show date: Sunday, November 28 at 21.00 WIB at HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Sittisiri Mongkolsiri (Thailand)

Cast: Natee Ngamnaewprom (Ton)Jennis Oprasert

Broker of Death

Manop is a 45 year old single father who owns an amulet shop. His efforts could not be sufficient, especially when he had to pay medical bills for his daughter which was quite large. In fact, his main source of income came from his profession as a

“Broker of Death” – someone who trades corpses. One day, he was asked to take a corpse. This corpse is part of a ritual to make a wealthy politician gain more power. Manop must choose between two terrible choices – being haunted or poverty.

S2 Folklore: 7 Days Of Hell

Show date: Sunday, December 5 at 21.00 WIB on HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Erik Matti (Philippines)

Cast: Dolly de Leon, Roshson Barman

7 days of hell cinemags A policewoman and a kind mother race against time to save her son who is terminally ill for unknown reasons. When his son is sentenced to have only a few weeks left, he learns his son’s illness stems from supernatural powers and a vicious wizard has cursed him. The only way for his son to survive is to apologize and make amends for their mistakes. As time goes by, he is faced with a desperate attempt to save his son.

S2 Folklore: Grandma’s Kiss

Show date: Sunday, December 12 at 21.00 WIB on HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Billy Christian (Indonesia)

Player: Lydia Kandou, Ken Zuraida

Lydia Kandau Cinemags Marni is a new resident of a nursing home, sent there by her daughter. He feels neglected and misses his old life. He suspects that his roommate Ningsih may be a supernatural figure – Palasik – who haunts the house and can make any wish come true if caught. Will Marni use the Palasik to get what she wants – a return to her old life?

S2 Folklore: The Excursion

Show date: Sunday, December 19 at 21.00 WIB at HBO GO and HBO

Directed by: Nicole Midori Woodford (Singapore)

Cast: Mindee Ong, Ethan Ng, Darren Lim

Folklore Season Two A troubled mother is depressed and suffers from insomnia. Her husband was never home and her son conversed with an imaginary friend. Under a lot of stress, he began to see a ghostly figure that somehow resembled a familiar figure in his home. His son’s behavior is increasingly dangerous and life-threatening. Can he save his son and family before it’s too late?
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