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Floral & Fauna for Your Inspiration in 2016

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Collection of the world’s top fashion houses.

World fashion always showing something new and fresh for fans fashion. Almost all the world’s fashion houses are competing to show something different in each fashion week held in several countries such as England, Italy, France and the United States. The inspiration they get for each collection is also not only from everyday life or street style but also the beauty of nature and fauna is one of the inspirations in the collections of the world’s top fashion houses.

Alexander McQueen, designer from England, never disappoints his fans in releasing his collections. Inspiration can come from various things, one of which is by using flora and fauna as a source of inspiration. Some of the collections launched by brand Alexander MC Queen in 2015 used a lot of floral patterns. Especially in accessories like clutch and bags. McQueen has its own characteristics compared to other brands, in making clutch-they have a place to put their fingers so they don’t bother carrying too much clutch the. This uniqueness makes McQueen increasingly in demand by his fans.

Trending Accessories: Floral & Fauna for Your Inspiration in 2016

Valentino is one of the pioneers of Italian fashion and become one brand which is always seen the trend. Italian fashion is a pioneer of the industry fashion world. In addition, the life of the Italian people who uphold fashion in lifestyle everyday life that makes a name fashion the more praised one brand-it is Valentino. Founded by Valentino Garavani, currently the head office of brand Valentino is in Milan, Italy. Not only collection haute couture or ready to wear just launched, Valentino also issued his collection with the theme of flora and fauna in 2015 still with his trademark ‘spike’ found in the bag.

Trending Accessories: Floral & Fauna for Your Inspiration in 2016

Nancy Gonzalez, designer bags originating from Colombia are known for their very exclusive collections. The selection of materials is consistent with using leather as the main attraction. In addition, in the collection of bags with floral themes, Nancy gets her inspiration from her life. He always builds himself to get out of ‘comfort zone’ and make the product better than the previous collection. In addition to her unique use of leather, Nancy is also known as designer modern that has the influence of something classic. One of the inspirational words he said was ‘Nature is my best accommodation and my source of inspiration is life’.

Trending Accessories: Floral & Fauna for Your Inspiration in 2016

“I’m a real believer that just doing a little something is a lot better than doing a lot of nothing”

Stella McCartney is known as designer which is very concern with nature and animals. Stella is a vegetarian who until now remains a vegetarian. Since the beginning of her collection, Stella has never used leather, fur, wool, silk and other materials related to other animals. This is what made his name soar and loved by many world fashionistas. One of her collections where Stella gets her inspiration from nature is her floral collection, which can be found in the bag collection.

“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.”

A spell possessed by Yves Saint Laurent who became the founder of brand YSL or now known as Saint Laurent Paris. This fashion house is known as designher modern and iconic pieces, one of which is the tuxedo jacket. Although now abandoned by its founder, Saint Laurent Paris still releases collections that are widely known by fashionistas. One of them is the floral style that adorns several collections of bags and accessories.

Trending Accessories: Floral & Fauna for Your Inspiration in 2016

Judith Leiber, one of the designer bag that joins on handbag-makers in the city of Budapest. In 1963 he managed to establish brand-himself, which until now is known as one of the brand famous and most expensive bag. The exorbitant price of the bag made Judith famous among the elite like the president’s wives. The collection uses a lot of crystal stones. Currently Judith has four boutiques spread across several countries including India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, there are other fashion houses that have launched collections with the theme of flora and fauna. Such as brand Edie Parker, Prada and Fendi.

Trends flora and fauna not only happening in the industry’s leading brands fashion but fashion brands others like Zara, Forever 21, Mango to Matahari department store also issued a collection of floral and fauna.


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