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Finland Starts Considering Joining NATO because of Fear of the Future Like Ukraine

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – One of the countries that has a long history with Russia, Finland, is considering joining NATO after seeing the situation in Ukraine.

For decades, Finland has refused to take sides with or against Russia.

However, with Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the neutral policy of the Nordic country which borders 1,340 km with Russia began to reverse.

On Thursday (10/3/2022), Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said he would review its security policy to decide whether to join NATO.

“Once the alternatives and risks have been analyzed, then it is time for conclusions,” said Niinisto.

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Earlier Wednesday (9/3/2022), Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said discussions on the possibility of becoming a NATO member had to be carried out at several levels.

Meanwhile, a recent poll found 53 percent of Finns support joining NATO, up from 19 percent five years ago.

In addition, a petition to hold a referendum on the bid to join NATO garnered 50,000 signatures, which could then proceed to the parliamentary level.

“Before (the Ukraine crisis), I didn’t want to have to choose between East and West,” said Joonas, a 30-year-old brewer from Helsinki. Al Jazeera.

“But now with this action, I think there is absolutely no question about that. I think it’s time to take sides,” he said.

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