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Filling these Celebs’ Wardrobe will Make You Baper!

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Take a peek at the wardrobe of Kylie, J.Lo, to Miranda Kerr.

Have you ever thought about how many shoes, accessories or fashion collections celebrities have? Maybe it doesn’t count until it takes a special room to store it, Bela. Is walk-in closeta place specially designed to store various fashion items and this is something that is essential for celebrities. Some of these celebrities even place the sofa and design the room as comfortable as possible fashion boutique. Ultra-glam and of course be a picture personal style the celeb.

Interesting, Bella? This time Popbela will invite you to take a peek walk-in closet from Miranda Kerr, J.Lo, to Kylie Jenner, prepare to be blown away!

1. Miranda Kerr

This Australian supermodel with one child loves style chicas evidenced by the large collection heels beautiful and row sophisticated outerwear which he has.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Hundreds denim what’s inside walk-in closet J.Lo’s, can’t beat the charm of this singer’s most iconic dress. Dress from Versace, which was once worn in a green video clip, was even placed on a mannequin.

3. Kylie Jenner

Jenner sister this one was found to have hundreds of collections heels super beautiful in various designs that will surely amaze you. It’s every girl’s dream!

3. Olivia Palermo

Classic and chic so the impression that is never separated from this socialite. Olivia collects various outer, mini dress and row heels countless numbers.

4. Paris Hilton

Rich and super stylish, one of these controversial socialites loves denimthe dominance of his fashion collection, among others, skinny jeans, metallic pieces as well as hot pants who became one signature style-his.

5. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe can be said to be a very neat and orderly person, inside closethe separates between casual outfit, sports until party attire.

So Bela, which one walk-in closet your favorite?

Photo and video sources: celebbuzz, popsugar, gettyimage, huffington post, vogue, people, youtube

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