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Fierce Battle of Irpin, Ukrainian troops fire in all directions to repel the Russians

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Fierce fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops took place in the eastern city of Irpin, Monday (14/3/2022), where thousands of civilians were trapped.

According to correspondence AlJazeeraAbdel-Azim Mohammad, Russian troops engaged in fierce fighting with Ukraine on their way to the city center.

“We are in the heart of the city of Irpin, on the front lines where the Ukrainian army is fighting fiercely with Russia.”

“We tried to go (to) the city center, but it seems the Russian troops managed to (enter) before us,” Mohammad said.

Furthermore, he said Ukrainian troops fired in all directions to dispel Russian troops.

A soldier in the rubble of a former building demolished by Russia (AFP)

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Meanwhile, Russian snipers were stationed on the roofs of buildings to prevent civilians from leaving the city.

Nevertheless, dozens of residents seemed to have left the city center and the eastern side of Irpin.

Early Monday, Ukraine claimed it had repelled a Russian attack.

Ukraine also said Russia only gave it 15 minutes to leave the region before roads were closed.

Many of the affected civilians on the eastern outskirts of Irpin managed to escape.

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