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Fans Criticized For Allegedly Using Feminist Terms, Yves LOONA Reaps Netizen Comments | Kpop Chart

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Fans Criticized For Allegedly Using Feminist Terms, Yves LOONA Reaps Netizen Comments

One of the members of LOONA, Yves recently reportedly received criticism from a fan because he wrote one of the words that is often used by feminists.

It is known that last Friday (11/02), Yves wrote a new message on the LYSN platform, which at the end of the sentence Yves inserts the word (Himjo = be excited).

Yves LOONA’s post on LYSN (

The word is usually written as ‘Himjwo’, which is the Yves style of writing commonly used by radical feminists in South Korea. Initially the word ‘Himjo’ was used to make a mockery of gay people, but since 2015/2016 the term has expanded and is used to demean all men.

In response to this, South Korean netizens also made various comments via Youtube videos discussing the writings of Yves LOONA.

Yves LOONA (Photo: BlockBerry Creative)

“Any normal person would read ‘himjo’ and think she only spelled it like that to be cute, who would think she’s a feminist just because of that and hate her for that word? I guess just breathing will soon count as feminism.”

“I think the majority of people probably didn’t know that ‘himjo’ was affiliated like that before this video was released. I’m only learning about it now;; it just sounds like someone is trying to say ‘himjwo’ with more aegyo?”

“There are so many controversial terms these days that I feel bad looking for them and have increased the desire to use them. It’s annoying that we have to be very careful now.”

I think more people don’t know what it means than those who do..?? Yves probably meant to put it in a way aegyo…”

“I can’t believe this is considered controversial. So do idols need to learn feminist slang before they debut now?”

What is your opinion on this issue? (

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