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Fajar Nugros and IDN Pictures’ First Horror Film Teaser “INANG”

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After launching First Look Video less than two weeks ago, IDN Pictures released the Video Teaser., a 30 second video teaser which was launched on the official social media @filminang and @idnpictures on Instagram.

The film directed by Fajar Nugros Inang is the first horror film launched by IDN Pictures.

This film is one of three films produced by IDN Pictures during the pandemic besides Balada si Roy and Srimulat: Hil Yang Mustahal. Release date will be announced soon.

Continuing the quote that previously appeared in First Look Video, “People born on Wednesday Wekasan must be treated. It was bad luck. The misfortune brought must be stopped.” But this time, Naysilla Mirdad as a pregnant woman who was terrorized a lot appeared.

In addition, there are other characters played by Lydia Kandou, Rukman Rosadi Dimas Anggara, Pritt Timothy and Nungki Kusumastuti, all of whom are shown with their own mysteries. The mix of suspense shown heightens the curiosity.

In addition to the names above, the film “Inang” also stars Rania Putrisari, Totos Rasiti,
Muzakki Ramdhan, David Nurbianto and Emil Kusumo.

The film “Inang” depicts a woman’s struggle against an evil force that wants to take over her baby’s life. As a thriller-horror film with a myriad of elements thrilling & jump-scare“Inang” offers more valuable lessons about women’s pregnancy and its obstacles in dealing with the real world.

“Inang” also raises the issue of the tradition of Wednesday Wekasan or Rebo Wekasan, a Javanese myth that will be shown in this film in a way that inspires thought.

Wednesday Wekasan or Rebo Wekasan is a Javanese myth that will be shown in this film by evoking Inang’s mind describing the struggle of a woman against evil forces who want to take over her baby’s life. Host offers more valuable lessons about women’s pregnancies and their barriers to dealing with the real world.

This film is also conveyed that it will touch the current generation, who may no longer recognize the Wekasan Wednesday or Rebo Wekasan traditions.

Following the teaser video, the next trailer will also be released on April 6, 2022.

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