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Fahmi Nur Muhamad sings the BEST LUKE song

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Fahmi Nur Muhamad tries a new challenge as a male soloist. If all this time he was better known as one of the members Gacor Squad in Tiktok, now he is trying to spread his wings in the world of singing. Unmitigated, Fahmi is fully supported by Atta Halilintar to sing the song BEST Wounds.

I have known Fahmi since last year, because he entered my Viral Management. When I saw her, I knew that she had the potential to sing, because her voice was great. Then I tried to ask, ‘Mi, do you want to sing my song?‘” said Atta.

When asked directly to Fahmi, it turned out that he also welcomed Atta’s invitation. “Actually, many have asked Fahmi, in fact, apart from dance in Tiktok, is there another wish that hasn’t been implemented yet. Fahmi said, if you really want to be a singer. Incidentally, Bang Atta gave an offer to sing the song,” said Fahmi.

But apparently at first, Fahmi was hesitant to bring Atta’s song, because the song was confused and mellow. “When I heard it for the first time, Fahmi liked the song but couldn’t animate it. So we haven’t come to an agreement on the recording yet. Well, right in December last year, I saw that he was still upset, after breaking up with his girlfriend. I love to hear the song again, immediately agreed to make a recording, “explained Atta.

Fahmi just laughs when he remembers the incident. He did not think that his confusion could actually make him work. “Maybe it’s because I’m still upset, it becomes a song” BEST Wounds really got into me. It shouldn’t be able to do that. If you want to be a professional singer, whatever mood we must remain professional. I really still have a lot to learn. Please support,” said Fahmi. In the future, he wants Atta to guide him to continue working in the world entertainment.

Fahmi NM Feat. Atta Halilintar – The Best Wound

“There is one message from Bang Atta that I remember very well. If it works, just do it. Don’t think about it viewers. Because the work doneupload that day, not to be directly watched that day by everyone. There is a process. And that’s the process that I want to learn for the future,” concluded Fahmi.

Fahmi Nur Muhammad

The song is entitled BEST Wounds now it can be heard on all digital music platforms and can also be watched on Youtube AH MUSIC. Greetings Indonesian music. (cinemas)

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