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Factors That Make the Mandalika Circuit Dirty To Disturb MotoGP Tests

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Friday, 11 February 2022 – 16:07 WIB

VIVA – The first day of the MotoGP test at Mandalika was disrupted. The practice session was stopped because the circuit was considered dirty.

The committee raised a red flag when the session lasted one and a half hours. After the cleaning was done, at 12.00 WITA, the new racers resumed their test.

While in the race control room at the Mandalika Circuit, Eddy Saputra as Deputy Race Committee said that the dirty track conditions were caused by less than optimal cleaning.

“Normally it’s two weeks before the race, every day cleaning must be done. It seems they (the committee) are a bit late,” said Eddy.

“Because the location is also close to the beach, dust particles may enter the track. The bottom line is one, it’s dirty, because there are marine factors, the cleaning method is also different, you have to use a pulled carpet, (asphalt) can’t be brushed.”

Furthermore, the committee will schedule the track to be cleaned every morning, afternoon and evening to support the pre-season test at Mandalika.

The team and riders will still be busy testing their new bikes at Mandalika until Sunday, before starting the season in Qatar on March 6. The Mandalika Circuit will also host the second race on the MotoGP calendar on March 20. (ant)

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