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Facebook Communities Summit introduces many new features

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Facebook Communities Summit announced new features in Facebook Groups that empower community leaders to achieve more together. As the community continues to grow, we want to make it easier for people to collaborate with each other in fun new ways. We also continue to invest in new ways to keep groups on our platform safe.
Create a Community According to Your Vision and Strengthen Community Culture

Each group has its own culture. To keep the group look and feel unique, admins can do the following:

  • Customize easily post color, background and font displayed in the group, along with emoticon that members can use to respond to content.
  • Use feature set to choose from a set of preset post formats, badges, admin features, and more that can be activated for groups with one click, so communities can interact the way they want.
  • Provide suggestions for members to use the preferred format when they post in a group. It will appear in post button new ones that persist as members browse the group, so they don’t have to scroll back to the top to post anymore.
  • Make regards unique and share group rules that new members will automatically receive when they join the group, so their sense of community can be formed more quickly.

Members can also give community awardlike Insightful, uplifting, or Fun, for content they find useful. These awards drive engagement, make content easier for members to view, and help optimally demonstrate group content.

Closer Relations and Interaction Between Members

Members can have a hard time finding content they like because there is only one main homepage for group discussion. We are testing features for admins to make subgroup in groups based on specific topics, regions, or events that can be managed in one place, so members can more easily find and enjoy the content that matters to them.

When you want to connect directly real-timepeople can use Community Chat on Facebook and Messenger, and create recurring event when they want to meet regularly, either virtually or face-to-face.

Managing Your Community

These new features will make it easier for admins to manage their groups:

  • Admin can embed announcements and choose the order in which they appear in sections Featured at the top of the group, to make sure their community sees the most important details first.
  • We update Admin Help, so admins can get personalized suggestions on criteria to add and information about why Admin Help disapproves of certain content. Also, this feature is now accessible across platforms and available on Facebook Lite.
  • Community Chat allows admins to create chats for the admin team and moderators, so they can better coordinate decisions online real-time.

Nurturing Your Community

We’re also introducing a set of tools to help admins sustain their efforts and advance group goals. We tested the ability for admins to:

  • Make community fundraising to raise funds for group projects, finance group management, and allow members to give their appreciation to admins and moderators.
  • Selling souvenirs they made through shop in the group, so that members can show support and strengthen their sense of community.
  • Make paid subgroups where members can subscribe for a fee and get exclusive access to more content, experiences such as training or networking, or deeper conversations. As part of expanding paid subscriptions on Facebook, this new feature allows admins to support their community while offering a more meaningful experience for their members.

With a variety of ways to generate or raise funds through groups, admins can use the approach that works best for their community.

A New Vision for Community on Facebook

Some communities use groups and pages to interact with many people. Therefore, some admins may need to spend more time managing them and members may feel confused which one to use. That’s why we’re introducing a new experience that brings the best experiences from Pages and Groups in one place.

For Facebook Group admins, this new experience allows them to use official communication channels when interacting with their community. For Facebook Page admins, this new experience helps them build a community in one place that allows members to participate and interact. Page admins can also take advantage of the moderation features that Groups currently have. This new experience is still in early testing until next year, before it becomes more widely available.

During today’s Facebook Communities Summit, we also celebrate and honor the diversity of communities on Facebook through this inaugural Community Day and Facebook Community Awards. Learn more about the event and other new features on the Facebook Community website.

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