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F1 British GP bans Russian drivers from appearing

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Thursday, March 3, 2022 – 18:53 WIB

VIVA – Haas-Ferrari’s Nikita Mazepin has been removed from the 2022 British GP F1 series after the British Motorsport Association (Motorsport UK) decided to ban all Russian drivers from competing in their country.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to war. The conflict between the two has an impact on all sectors, including the world of sports.

Britain is one of the countries that strongly opposes Russia’s actions against Ukraine. This was also followed by Motorsport UK by giving a firm statement to ban all teams, drivers and symbols of the Russian State from racing held in England.

Motorsport UK chairman David Richards said the decision was a form of solidarity support for Ukraine. Although the decision they made contradicts the statement from the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Richards remains confident in this firm action.

“The entire UK Motorsport community condemns the acts of war by Russia and Belarus in Ukraine and expresses its solidarity and support with all those affected by the ongoing conflict,” Richards said.

“We stand united with the Ukrainian people and the motorsport community after the invasion and unacceptable actions that have taken place. This is a time for the international motorsport community to act and show support for the Ukrainian people and our colleagues in the Ukrainian Automobile Federation (FAU).”

The decision will certainly affect Nikita Mazepin, who is a racer from Russia. The 23-year-old figure was not allowed to compete on British soil.

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