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Explore These Various Types of Espadrilles with More Varied Designs, Come on!

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Obviously espadrilles are not new, but these pair always get spotlight. This type of shoe was first made about 4000 years ago in a border area of ​​​​Spain and France. Original elements in the form of canvas, cotton and sole materials jute rope which until now has been used to design espadrilles now. Iconic shoes and Versatile This is also successful in attracting the attention of designers high brand such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch to make espadrilles their version.

Although known as easy casual footwear, espadrilles was able to survive in the world fashion who became one must have pair para fashionista. The varied designs are one of the reasons why this shoe is one of the best it shoes that will always be seen chic with a simple form. Adding details wedges, heels, platforms and ankle strap on these shoes can enhance his relaxed style. floral combination, stripes, animal print as well as materials lace make the display will not look boring.

Be prepared to get a pair for weekend escape, Bela!

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