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Explore Squid Game Fun with Netflix Subscription Using GoPay

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As the most prominent streaming media service in the world, Netflix has never stopped delivering breakthroughs that have significantly changed the trend of viewing culture (even, until there was a “Netflix and chill” trend-ed). Like King Midas with its golden touch, Netflix always manages to bring out phenomenal new releases. Netflix’s flagship release, which is now the prima donna of Netflix subscriptions worldwide, is now of course Squid Game.

This suspenseful action drama series about a group of people who participate in a deadly Korean game is now the most successful series in Netflix history. His success even managed to bulldoze the popularity of the previous hit Netflix series, Money Heist. The Squid Game series has reportedly been watched by more than 111,000,000 Netflix subscriptions worldwide, including in Indonesia. So it’s not surprising, in Indonesia more and more people are subscribing to Netflix. Moreover, now there are many ways to pay Netflix for its customers. Pay using GoPay, is one of the easy options for that.

By subscribing to Netflix, apart from being able to watch the Squid Game series over and over again, there are also many other Netflix featured new and old series and movies. Such as My Name, Maid, Army of Thieves, Sex, Love and Goop, and many more that can be watched anytime and anywhere, to spend your spare time.

How to Pay for Netflix Subscription Using GoPay

To be able to enjoy Squid Game and various other Netflix shows, we can choose the subscription option according to the package chosen. Based on that option, later we can enjoy the Squid Game series and thousands of Netflix content without limits and at any time legally and without ad interference. We can watch the Squid Game series and various other interesting Netflix shows through various devices, be it Smart TVs, PCs, laptops, or smartphones. Or also offline, through the features available in the application.

With regard to the steps on how to pay for Netflix using GoPay, this can be done in various ways using a PC or smartphone. Payments via GoPay are currently only available through the Netflix website which can be accessed on desktop computers or laptops and smartphones. Here’s how to subscribe to Netflix with GoPay payments.

  1. Open via a mobile/desktop browser. Sign up for or sign in to a Netflix account using your email. Select the desired monthly plan.
  2. Select GoPay as the payment method.
  3. Enter the mobile number connected to the GoPay account.
  4. The OTP code will be sent to the registered mobile number. IMPORTANT: never share the OTP code with anyone, including Gojek/GoPay.
  5. Enter your GoPay PIN.
  6. Yeay! GoPay account is already connected to Netflix. GoPay balance will be paid automatically in the following month.

Netflix subscription plans and prices

The following packages and subscription prices are presented by Netflix.

  1. Cellphone Rp. 54 thousand: Can watch on one mobile and tablet device.
  2. Basic Rp. 120 thousand: Can watch HD quality and one device can be mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and TVs.
  3. Standard IDR 153 thousand: Can watch HD quality on two devices at the same time.
  4. Premium IDR 186 thousand: Can watch HD and Ultra HD (4K) quality on four devices at the same time.

Not only to pay for Netflix or various other entertainment streaming applications, now what do you want to do, everyone can use GoPay. Want to pay for groceries, order GoFood food, pay for GoRide and GoCar, buy monthly necessities, top up credit & data packages and pay bills on GoTagihan, so that enjoying your favorite entertainment and top up games is even easier using GoPay.

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