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Ex-WWE Diva Nikki Bella Opens Up Her Sex Life With John Cena

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INDOSPORT.COM – Former WWE diva, Nikki Bella revealed her sexual life while still with wrestling legend and ex-boyfriend, John Cena.

Although Nikki Bella’s love story with John Cena that lasted for six years ran aground in the summer of 2019, she is still often associated with a famous former wrestler who is now a star of the film.

Most recently, Nikki Bella alluded to her sexual life with John Cena while they were still together. He also revealed that he was happier in bed with Artem, as his lover.

“Gradually, (intimacy) gets tiring. You know when you get tired of each other, one of them will lean on the other a lot? So wait, I said we have to stop and start romantic again,” said Nikki Bella, quoted from Wrestling Edge.

“Quitting and then getting tired because making love is not what I want. I need other things, I need energy, I would say I love being down below so let’s do missionaries, and I prefer to do it with Artem because he’s a dancer and is more flexible,” he explained.

In addition, Nikki Bella previously stated the reason behind the breakdown of her love affair with John Cena, namely because her ex-lover was too busy.

“This is not John Cena’s fault. From day one, he was always honest with me. However, he was too busy with his career and that made us rarely travel together,” said Bella.

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