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Even at home, these 3 ways keep your activities awesome

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While working in the office to studying at school is becoming more common, the implementation of Level 3 PPKM in a number of areas, from Jabodetabek to Bali, encourages us to return to more activities at home.

Well, did you know that there are various ways to keep your activities awesome with just a smartphone at home? These are 3 simple things you can do from home so that you can work and study more optimally, maintain maximum fitness, and enjoy more satisfying entertainment with your smartphone.

Work and study more optimally by maximizing smartphone performance

Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing applications have become ‘friends’ who accompany us to stay connected and coordinate with co-workers and friends from school or campus. Not to mention other productivity support applications, browsers for research, to streaming platforms for entertainment.

In addition, especially for those who are still studying, smartphones are also often used to do assignments and exams in applications such as Google Classroom. Usually smartphones will also be used to make video recordings of practical assignments. Smartphones really work for us during work from home and distance learning.

So, so that we can work and study more optimally, it’s a good idea to be diligent in cleaning data and cache from applications that are often used to maximize smartphone performance. Moreover, applications such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, to Spotify consume quite a lot of memory after continuous use.

We can clean data and cache easily by going to the settings menu of each application. It’s worth remembering, make sure you don’t delete all the data stored from the application because your account might be deleted from the smartphone.

Maintain maximum fitness with power saving mode

Maintaining health has always been an important part of life, especially in the midst of a pandemic like now. Therefore, it is necessary for us to take time after work and learn to exercise as a way to keep the body in shape, in addition to maintaining a proper diet and rest.

But when we just want to exercise, our smartphone battery may already be used a lot for working and studying at home. For that, we can maximize the power saving mode feature on the smartphone to help the smartphone battery last longer to support our sports activities.

So, we can still use it to use the Home Workout application for sports at home to Strava for jogging in the area around the house while maintaining the process, without worrying about the battery running out quickly. The power saving mode itself can be found easily in the settings section of the smartphone battery.

More satisfied to entertain yourself by maximizing external memory

There are many ways to entertain yourself while doing various activities at home. We can stream movies and series, play games, listen to songs and podcasts, play social media, and create content. Regardless of what you like, you can maximize the external memory on your smartphone to entertain yourself with more satisfaction.

With a memory capacity that can be increased up to 1TB, you can download your favorite content, from movies on Disney+ Hotstar, series on Netflix, songs and podcasts on Spotify, to videos on YouTube. So, you don’t have to worry about the storage space running out quickly.

With external memory, you can also be free to download various applications that support our other favorite activities, such as CapCut to edit videos and create content at will to play various popular games such as Free Fire and Candy Crush Saga.

Well, the question is, can your smartphone do all of the above?

As said by Ricky Bunardi, Product Marketing Manager Mobile Experience, Samsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) that PPKM Level 3 can be a separate opportunity that encourages us to be more creative in managing our time between work and school, with the things we like.

“The innovations that Samsung continues to develop, of course, also aim to ensure that all levels of society affected by the recent developments can still maintain their productivity from home. The Galaxy A03 Series answers the community’s need for a million smartphones that have many advantages,” explained Ricky.

Samsung packs the Galaxy A03 with a long-lasting battery, large memory, and a reliable chipset that supports a variety of daily essential activities. With powerful features that don’t make a hole in your pocket, the Galaxy A03 Series can be the choice of many people to enjoy the best experience in every activity they do.

The Galaxy A03 Series has the features needed to bring all the tips above to life in maximizing your daily activities. This smartphone is equipped with the Unisoc T606 Octa-Core 1.6GHz chipset which makes applications run smoothly and makes the smartphone more responsive.

The Galaxy A03 Series is also equipped with an external memory slot of up to 1TB. Not to forget, this smartphone already has a 48 MP camera, the highest resolution on a smartphone priced in a million, for you to make maximum content on the sidelines of everyday life.

The Galaxy A03 Series is available at an affordable price. You can have it for Rp. 1,599,000 (3 GB/32 GB) and Rp. 1,799,000 (4 GB/64 GB). There are three aesthetic color variants that you can choose according to your personality, namely Blue, Black, and Red. For complete information about the Samsung Galaxy A03, visit

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